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What is children`s training or we Will bring up the leader together of

At each person there are periods when to it it is bad: the fingers are all thumbs there is also a wish to hide the head under a reliable armor as if a turtle. But how to explain to own child that life - the piece striped, and after a hurricane surely appears a rainbow? Here he sits, gloomy, or turns away and avoids conversation. Do not panic, act!

Since recent time in many cities, under the leadership of skilled psychologists, Programs of communication for children and teenagers, or Children`s trainings are created. The child in the company of the same children learns to listen and understand others, to set before himself the purposes and to reach them. Children leave on the nature, arrange representation for friends, play roles in unusual fairy tales, care for kids in the nearest kindergarten or organize a community work day on the street. Here it is possible even to jump with a parachute or to learn to dance, as always there was a wish. Here, without the standard restrictions and a framework, the child lets out outside all the talents. Here what is told about children`s training those who passed it.

Zhenya Artemyev (11 years),

participant of the " program; Solar city .

Ya went to training to other city though there knew nobody. But week passed quickly and interestingly! Most of all it was pleasant to me that to us allowed to draw on the t-shirt that there is a wish. My Captain helped me to draw the knight with a big board. And on the right sleeve we wrote the name of our team - Break . In a year we met children, and everyone told what it reached: someone received the first salary or mastered a new profession, someone was accepted in sports section. And I strenuously began to go in for mathematics because I want to enter the university. I think, at me everything will turn out!

Arina Shibanova (17 years),

captain of the " program; At most .
Me it was awfully interesting to

where parents leave every evening, and such happy come back after midnight. They passed adult training, and I for the " company; joined team 13 - tiletny. The Fairy tale which we together with parents played in the afternoon was most of all remembered. Everyone extended the role and tried to understand what his character. Many even began to sympathize with Koshchey, so well his one boy played! During training near me there were remarkable people whom there was a wish to resemble. And I in a year, having become the Captain, too let out the Team! I got up at 6 in the morning, and laid down at 1 one o`clock in the morning because I went to all, received calls, supported the small group. But, with what gratitude I am still called by these children!

Sergey Kuchetov (26 years),

coordinator Rope course .

Every time when the team of children is made, I teach them to understand each other at the physical level: through gestures, views, handshakes. And itself I study much! At children there is a lot of energy, self-confidence, they appreciate honesty and are able to be on friendly terms really. Any adult, having appeared on our Pine with a safety cable behind the back, in fear will stay minutes ten before to jump. And malyshnya easily flies with 15 - meter height and shouts: The Seryozha, it is possible still? . Not for nothing motto of ours Rope course : Impossible - it is possible! . I am glad that remained to work here. It is joyful to me to see how here shy, imperceptible children come, and the independent, responsible people able to keep the word and to help others leave. It is good that such people become more and more!

Oksana Maltseva (45 years),

organizer of the " project; Planet of people .

Each of us once came to the Team behind the results, wanted to understand the relations with people, wanted to create something new and unusual in the life. Much managed it! Still our graduates come to office. They regularly organize Campaigns of good deeds - in hospital or boarding school, pack things for children - orphans, come for the sponsor`s help on the enterprises of the city, repair a menagerie or plant trees in the park of Culture. Graduates consider time spent here as the best period in life: it is too much in these walls of positive emotions, the tremendous number of friends, big inflow of energy and inspiration. if the person has

A self-confidence, hope for the best and love to relatives - it will reach all dreams of!