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How to rescue soul the word?

the Most important ability of the person are the speech. The competent speech confirms its origin and education. Despite it, daily we hear a mat! It reaches from everywhere - from windows of houses, on the street, in transport and other public places. Already not rarity zastavochka pi - and on television. Each person at least once in life used this or that strong mot.

And abusive expressions of people uses not only swearing, but also in usual conversation. At the same time never reflects what impression it leaves in soul of the listener and in the too. And any abusive word bears in itself a shade of cruelty, roughness, rudeness and cynicism.

Quite often existence of abusive words in conversation consider as a sign of courage and force, and a mat - a sign of bad education, scarcity of the speech and weakness. Interesting thought on this subject at F. M. Dostoyevsky: Talk smut aloud, despite the whole crowds of children and women by which pass - not from impudence, and so because drunk and it is impossible to have other language, except skvernoslovny

The person using foul language is always associated with drunk because at the drunk person from - for a large amount of alcohol in blood language slightly increases, it becomes heavy and the speech becomes complicated, but as emotions at intoxicated are about ten times more, than at sober, the mat which profanes already fallen soul even more comes to the rescue.

It is possible to fight against strong language, it is even rather necessary! You ask how? Very simply. For this purpose absolutely you should not go to the desert island or to disappear in a jungle of Amazon. It is necessary to take only several steps towards healthy language. Around the world it is known that Russian - one of the most rich and most expressive languages.

It is known that the mat is used more often, the people who are in an expressional state. Therefore refusal of a mat quite heavy process, we so got used to express the feelings.

First step: begin to control the words and expressions. As soon as you feel that here - here you will explode, inhale, count to ten, exhale - now you can tell any zamudreny mot (amfigenno inverted, i.e. the psychosexual hermaphrodite), and will strike with the erudition the interlocutor much more.

Step of the second: practice yoga, it will help you to order thoughts and to restore composure that will provide you missing in a situation with use of an offensive language.

Refusal of a mat will lead not only to rescue of soul, from the point of view of Christian belief foul language - a mortal sin, and also will rescue from unpleasant situations and nervous breakdowns. Remember - nervous cages are not restored.

Paul the Apostle: No rotten word yes proceeds from your lips but only kind for edification in belief that it brought grace listening . To know good language, it is necessary to work to learn foul language - enough several times to say it. Remember that easy way not always true!