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What to do if you are pathologically lazy, it is not enough money, and there is a wish to eat how all? Imagine

that you go home from work hungry and tired as a dog. Money on an outcome: the dinner in cafe is too expensive. Houses in the refrigerator honor everything already podjedeno. Collect the strength: on the last money come into shop. Buy chicken (not in feathers, any size - big to you all the same beyond the means), a pack of table salt (1 kg), to bank of green peas, 4 apples and 1 - 3 bottles of beer. I hope, in the refrigerator all are there will be a milk or sour cream and butter. If is not present - buy also it (absolutely a little bit). For economy it is possible to buy 2 single packings of cream.

Having come home, be not too lazy, wash chicken. It is possible hot water that became softer. Open and include an oven. On a baking sheet pour out all salt which was bought - a hill, and from above plant chicken. It is not necessary to salt it, but it is possible to push a garlic segment inside. Only chishchenny. Close an oven and you leave. You lay down on a sofa, turn on the TV or the music, discover beer, drink and have a snack on apple.

Approximately in an hour when you are reached by magic aroma, it is necessary to rise from a sofa. I think, you have already a rest. In kitchen take 2 saucepans. In one pour 3,5 cm of water and put on fire. From apples which did not manage to eat yet take out cores (it is possible which - as, only do not tear a thin skin), fill them granulated sugar (a hill, as well as salt), and lower in water buttocks down. Make fire small - small, and forget about apples for half an hour.

Then take bank of peas and open it (my God as long to explain everything!) . Pass all peas in other saucepan (and leave a rassolchik on the ambassador - beer), pour there slightly - slightly milk (cream), or throw a sour cream spoon. Still - a piece of butter, still - salt. Then shchepotyyu get into a sugar bowl, get several grains of sand and fill up in peas. Put a saucepan on small fire. Were tired? Already all!

You feel how chicken smells? The nose does not deceive you - it is time to take out. But hands - it is hot. All to take out a baking sheet - let others overstrain. It is possible to take a long knife and to get on it chicken especially as fat from her already flowed out in salt. You throw it on a plate and the same knife you cut off the most tasty. And your peas - ripened! So - is chicken you can with a garnish. Having been fond of a feast, do not forget to switch off apples, it is your dessert: after chicken will go well, and will be located.

Your hard work is rewarded a hundredfold. Chicken - greatly tasty, peas - astounding and apples - anything. Impression that you visited restaurant. Besides remained a little and for tomorrow. If it was pleasant, and you will find forces to repeat this process, over time will understand that firm peas have to stand on fire longer, than soft. It is the only thing that can complicate to you life.

Appetite pleasant to you! Have a rest further. Do not work too much.

P. S. By the way, the same menu can be represented in a microwave with a grill, but - in turn.

P. P. S. And you can not buy beer if to you tomorrow for work.