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That unites us, or Once again about a daily bread of

the Food, a feast since ancient times in Russia were not only way to satisfy hunger, but also means to rally, reconcile, unite a certain group of people. The sumptuous feast was and remains a holiday of peacefulness and generosity.

Alas, now many feasts began to remind barefaced gluttony. Sadly, when already in half an hour after the beginning of a holiday the most part of people got drunk and dispersed: women - separately, men - separately, any common interests …

There are several secrets for preservation of a community of a feast. Let`s return to the beginning of a celebration. Simple rules of etiquette, there is a little imagination, entertainments - and the effect will be absolutely another.

At a table it is impossible to clink glasses. This tradition consigned to the past for a long time, today it it is simple - naprosto is indecent, not to mention that how many dresses, white shirts, suits are spoiled from - for this habit.

Further, it is not necessary to expose on a table all dishes at once. There is such expression: to gorge on eyes. In food there have to be not haste and mystery. Remember historical movies: how there passed Ivan the Terrible`s feasts? On a table only saltcellars and wine, and dishes with foods take out in turn: at first one, through some time another, the third …

Carrying out of dishes can be turned into the dramatized representation. And that frequent people, being visiting, do not know, than to occupy itself. Same top of nonsense and impropriety: to come on a visit and to watch TV.

Nutritionists entered the term " long ago; food compatibility . When the person splashes out the black energy at a table, it infects also food. What sense to sit down to a table in bad mood? Miss a lunch! There is that case when it is possible and it is even necessary to descend in restaurant or cafe. It is easier to be exempted from a negative where - nibud in other place, but not houses. And it is more useful to your house.

Though unless it is possible to compare homemade food to restaurant? In many countries of Europe nobody prepares houses. Dogs and cats are fed with a dry feed too. Unfortunately, McDonald`s and fast food as a cancer tumor, struck already and Russia. But the western sukhomyatka cannot lead to anything good. Look, for example, at Americans: there nearly every second has obesity. And at the same time they laugh at us supposedly at Russians few vegetables therefore they part them with water and at them borsch turns out.

In the menu of the healthy person, especially elderly, surely there have to be five types of grain: pearl barley (barley), buckwheat, millet, rice, haricot or peas. Some vegetables in the raw are daily necessary: beet, carrots, cabbage (it is the most useful - usual white). And it is obligatory - vegetable oil.

Still Seneca - younger, the teacher Nerona, spoke: Oh, Romans, you complain of an illness? Banish good cooks . At all times the restaurant food was food of grandstanding (well if is softer, then food of prestige). It is difficult to find the restaurant cook who would set a task that the food cooked by him was useful. The main thing - is tasty and beautiful.

With what to begin useful? From broth, for example, chicken. Be not afraid of chicken fat: it is easy, treats dietary fats why it to throw out? Do not remove foam after boiling at all. Foam is a protein with fat droplets. It is not necessary to delete it. Boiled broth five - six minutes, switch off gas, close a pan a lid and forget about it for about 20 minutes.

In 20 minutes you will see that foam a thin film accumulated at the bottom of a pan, having absorbed in yourself all dregs. And broth absolutely transparent. Now let it again five - will boil six minutes. Everything, it is ready.

it is Also possible to arrive also with fish broth. By the way, many do not know that the real Russian fish soup prepared on chicken broth. Therefore create, safely connect meat broth with fish, fish to mushroom broth.

You do not stint spices, spices, seasonings. Them today huge choice: mother - and - the stepmother, a St. John`s Wort, a marjoram, mint, a dandelion … It is the fact that under legs. But there are also classical: carnation, nutmeg, &hellip vanilla; Your expenses will pay off soon. Use spices in microdoses, and they will return to you fine taste, aroma and as a result good mood and health.