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For what to the woman underwear?

When the man hears the words lingerie he usually associates them with such concepts as sexuality, eroticism, passion Usually we mentally imagine the black or red bras, shorts and translucent combinations trimmed with gentle laces. If to ask the man: For what the lingerie is thought, actually, up? he, most likely, will answer something it seems: In order that the woman felt sexually irresistible or To emphasize beauty of a female body .

However fine and irresistible lingerie it was created absolutely with other purposes. It was invented generally for the sake of a form, hygiene and modesty. In the middle of before last and the beginning of the past of centuries the lingerie was bulky and inconvenient. Corsets which carried for support of a breast and miniaturization of a waist were painfully painful, squeezed a female body and complicated breath. It was necessary to get used to them long. Though they were also fashionable, most of women very reluctantly carried corsets.

Later the corset was succeeded by elastic belts which were much more convenient to be worn. In 60 - x years of last century tights, a combination of a belt, shorts and stockings became current. And though corsets are still made, their popularity does not come within miles of tights and belts.

The most popular elements of a women`s intimate dress is the bra usually known as a brassiere, and shorts. Today there is a set of types of brassieres. One for underlinings of beauty of the " form; others to make a bust more noticeable or on the contrary, to hide its true sizes. There are bras raising a breast in the manner of corsets, is specially intended for sports activities and active recreation. It is difficult to remember all types.

Shorts were invented only for hygiene and protection of a body. They were wider, baggy and not so sexual, unlike present, only slightly covering juicy places. In recent times to be noticed in underwear was unprecedented for this reason the first samples were such modest. Later customs changed, shorts became more frank, and the type of the woman only in shorts and a brassiere shocked nobody any more.

At the beginning of 20 - go centuries fashionable glossy magazines began to advertize lingerie on the pages. Advertizing caused growth of its popularity and emergence all of new types. Nightgowns, combinations, topics, belts with garters The purpose did not change: comfort, hygiene, protection. But, undoubtedly, many women choose certain brands of linen as well to feel beautiful and sexual.

From wide, inconvenient and baggy to attractive. The lingerie covered the long and difficult distance.