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From what to begin to earn on the Internet?

Many ask the question and whether it is possible to earn in general in the Network money? . The subject already rose many times, but a definite answer to a question, perhaps, was not and will not be.

From my point of view, everything looks quite simply, almost like in real life. If you work at the enterprise or in firm (even the director!) there are no guarantees that tomorrow the company will not be ruined or there will be no swagger - a major. You will face need of search of other work. Search of the worthy place in real today - a big problem and, seems to me, the state has to pay extra only for performance of these actions to the applicant!

The earnings essence in the Network , especially stable, is reduced to a saying: never you should put all eggs in one " basket;. That is, earnings on the Internet are a multistream system which the person has to construct. Much in the Network business - packages which help with creation of the similar mechanism is on sale different, but the few people are capable and ready to apply the obtained information. The person has to believe, first of all, that he will be able, to believe in himself. Among other things, it has to possess at least a minimum of knowledge in the field of earnings of the Network and the possible unpleasant moments connected with search pot of gold on the Internet.

So, pot of gold no, as I already told, there are many threads out of which the person has to weave this vein but only later already to use fruits of the work. Let`s try to consider several such financial threads from which beginner can begin to fill to itself the first cones and to accumulate experience. Everything begins with small, and over time only grows in some business . At the same time still it is necessary to consider that at you for the Internet: at work, free; houses - a dedicated line; houses - the modem. In all cases count expenses. The ways described below not equally approach all called connection types.

Thread the first. Viewing of the websites on BXOD. COM. This, perhaps, only place where really pay for viewings. Only the dedicated line at work that the administration did not see will approach: the traffic is terrible! From this stream to earn it will not turn out much, and the saying is more pertinent here: the chicken on a kernel pecks .

Thread the second. In a network a large number of digital goods (e-books, for example) which authors do not object if someone sells these goods for the sake of own benefit exists. That you have the right to sell them it is registered in the most digital goods. To sell most optimum on PLATI trading floor. RU. Intuitively clear interface, rather soft conditions, is few restrictions, everything is completely automated. From own experience, on average, if the book necessary (and not one is better, but about ten), then to really have from 10 dollars a week.

Thread the third. we now are also engaged in It, stateyny business. To be a freelancer, without having any special skills, not so difficult. It is important to have interesting and actual information, to be able to commit competently the thoughts to paper that they were readable for the third-party person. As training write and send yourself the letter. When it comes to you by mail, read. After a week all mistakes which you allowed, maybe, will be visible to you at once it will even be cheerful, but you will gain a certain experience.

Thread the fourth. If at you turned out with stateyny business, your moaning that you are not able to create own digital goods means, it is groundless, it was the ordinary fear before novel. Here we also approached the most important source of the income. You can write the book about in what are strong (business, construction, technologies, etc.) to compile it in the e-book and to sell in the Network. It is not the easiest way, but the most real.

Thread the fifth. the website. You learn to create the website - now it is not a problem. On many hosts there are designers of the websites if you do not own these skills at all. The website is quite powerful tool. He and only he will advertize and sell as much as possible your goods (digital including). At an initial stage the hosting can be free, but to domain names of the second level in the Network of trust it is more, it needs to be considered.

In this article we considered only small part of the possibilities. So there is a lot of them that there will not be enough life to understand and master everything. In end of article I want to recommend to you to re-read the Legislation on copyright. Entertaining whether you know, the document. Article 1260, for example, will help you with creation of the digital product without excess expenses of energy.

Also you remember: only the one who does nothing is not mistaken! Consider expenses, you learn to create digital goods, read more, then even you will weave these five threads if not in pot of gold so though in silver braid .