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In marriage nevterpyozh: to change or leave a surname?

of Each of us who are going to get married or already are there, sooner or later it is necessary to face such banal, but inevitable phenomenon as change of a surname. For someone this question no more than mechanical list on a sheet of paper, the usual trifle which is not representing any problem. For others it is the most real matter of life and death

Long since in Russia change of a surname demonstrated that the girl, marrying, from - under guardianship of the head of the family - the father, passed under protection of the spouse. Modern women are so emancipated that it is already not so unambiguous.

Today women even more often seek to learn pleasure of a marriage as it is possible later. On the first place there are a self-realization, the statement of as persons, career, work, freedom, numerous hobbies, desire to be independent and financially secure. Therefore, marrying, many already make certain success and merits, find popularity of the name, to be exact surnames. One become known and recognizable, others have so extensive communications in work that just are not able to afford to replace a surname, and together with it to be lost for clients and surrounding people. Very few people want to start everything anew, from a blank sheet, from a new surname

A still such cases when you are an only child in a family happen or from - for absence of boys on you continuation of a surname comes to an end. Therefore responsibility to all family of ancestors lies only on your brittle shoulders. And on this conversation on taking some other others surname, cannot just be in the nature.

But also it not all. There is it that at you very beautiful, sonorous, rare or on the contrary popular, but anyway the very best surname which to leave all the same what to refuse from bequeathed to you a multimillion state the kind great-great-grandfather from the fantastic foreign country. And, as ill luck would have it, you understand your elect, the destiny did not award with such family gift. Here it is also necessary to explain to him that a pier, forgive, but I, such charming and attractive, the clear head and the beauty, just I do not think of myself with such surname ridiculous, difficult to pronounce, dissonant etc. (all this stays behind scenes), despite huge love to you and desire to marry.

Though if the situation is wrapped by 180 degrees, and you are simply happy to get rid of the bothered surname for the unclear reasons and laws of injustice you got which for some reason. Consider that it was largely lucky if, of course, future elect has an opportunity together with a hand and heart to present you royal or just enviable surname.

Meanwhile, at the state registration of a marriage to spouses in record of the act at the choice of the husband and the wife their general surname or premarital each of them registers. In turn the general surname of spouses can consist no more than of two surnames connected when writing by a hyphen.

In other words, the woman can keep the maiden name (that which it carried before marriage), or to accept double (with writing of a surname of the husband and the maiden name through a hyphen). In the latter case at writing of the application you have to specify in the REGISTRY OFFICE that you wish to take a double surname. It is quite lawful according to the Family code of the Russian Federation.

And here in 40 - x years of the last century not everything was so simple. It was forbidden to create new double surnames (in particular, at marriage or at the child`s birth if each of spouses had premarital surname). Today children, as a rule, register under a surname of the father, but at special desire of parents, and also if the woman is not married, can accept a surname of mother. In case of divorce, the spouse who changed the surname at marriage to another has the right and to keep this surname after divorce, or at his desire the premarital surname is appropriated to it.

To change or not to change a surname - a personal record of each person. Irrespective of on what option you stopped if from this decision to you it is quiet and comfortable, then what difference, in what the reason of similar desire? And still, in my opinion, if two persons so love, appreciate and respect each other that their desire to be one harmonious whole is expressed, including, and in the general by a surname which will emphasize their relationship, unity, a community, at the same time will be the first and most invaluable family mascot Be happy

, Friends! Protect, you appreciate, you store and cherish your love. Let in your families always there live mutual understanding and respect!