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Whether it is worth doing the personal website to the small child?

Presently when almost in each house there is a computer with a possibility of Internet connection, creation of the personal website a lot of time does not demand, big efforts and professional knowledge in the field of informatics. It is possible just to find the website with already ready html - pages and to be registered on it. It is necessary only to issue the website according to the tastes further. For this purpose only a little imagination, several photos and time is required.

But for a start it is necessary to be defined precisely whether it is worth doing it?

It is necessary to discuss properly this question between both parents of the child that then there were no quarrels and disagreements. At once it is worth finding out whether both they agree to post online photos of the of the baby and any information on him. Even presently still there are superstitious people who will be against the information about their child was available to strangers.

If to one of parents everything is not to liking this invention, then from it it is better to refuse or postpone for some time. You should not do it secretly too, sooner or later all secret becomes obvious! And then from very good and harmless invention nothing sensible will turn out.

If both parents agree to such step, then why and not to devote to this interesting business a little time? That the child will have the personal website with photos, stories and the description of development there are many positive sides! Both too careful grandmothers, and just interested friends, instead of bothering with continuous inquiries to mother at whom and so a little free time, all will be able to look and to read. It is heavy to mummy to tell several times everyone same too, something is obligatory will simply take off from the head, and to share achievements of the kid of which so you are proud, always very pleasantly.

And to parents it will be pleasant to re-read and remember how the baby for the first time smiled, tried the first apple how many weighed in 5, 6, 7..., months when also what learned. And as it will be pleasant to the kid when he grows up also itself will be able to read silently a lot of interesting!

What can be this website?

can be Told both from the person, and on behalf of the kid that in the future he could continue the narration about himself.

It is necessary to make several enough capacious sections where it will be possible to describe stage-by-stage development of the kid in weeks or on months. And then enough few times in a month will enter new information and to add fresh photos.

Here the approximate list of sections which can be on the website:

diary of development my toys

useful articles my achievements

as I was born photo album

guest page the first-aid kit, visits to the doctor

mother`s notes food

Needs only to make a few efforts and to involve all the imagination!