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In what pluses and minuses of presence of the father at childbirth? Now parents can choose

whether be present to future father at childbirth or not. And since ancient times, when time to give birth came, turned out all men. In Soviet period the daddy stood under windows and could only give to the wife a note, and it showed the kid to him in a window. But time changed, and now presence of the daddy at childbirth does not cause any rough emotions. Now each couple solves.

To Give birth together - it, of course, is very tempting. On the one hand, it is strong support for the woman, with another - pleasure for the man to see the first minutes of life of the kid. But in all this there is also other party. Childbirth is difficult, painful, but, certainly, joyful process. And the last depends on very many factors.

The main thing - it has to be mutual desire. If any of parents of future kid doubts, then it is better to bypass, at least physiological process, the party and to leave the father behind a door. If your man is too emotional, then to him will be hard psychologically everything to take and to see. But the success of the enterprise depends on a psychological spirit both the man, and the woman.

In most cases, presence of the husband at childbirth exerts positive impact on the woman. The husband can help as morally - all words of support, can calm, to and physically . All know that now a huge set of courses which train future parents. There men are trained how to make massage what points need to be massed that though somehow to facilitate process of childbirth to the wife. And also prepare psychologically.

In this respect there is an opinion that childbirth is the first that parents in common do for the child. Falling into the father`s hands at once, the child feels heat and power of the native person. Of course, also mother can execute this function, but after the delivery - forces remains not really much!

On the other hand, the behavior of the man can be even unpredictable. Perhaps the decision - to be together with the wife at childbirth - was not absolutely conscious? Talk to the husband, be convinced whether he wants to be present at childbirth. It is impossible to ask and force at all. And if future father agrees, then is better to agree that if to it it becomes suddenly unpleasant or terrible, then it can leave, and you will understand it, and will not condemn subsequently.

Sometimes, that men faint, to them it becomes bad, or it is even worse - men that to pass nothing, unintentionally, of course, begin to disturb doctors and obstetricians. What does it mean to the woman? At such moment she worries about future kid, about herself, and seeing as she suffers, suffers and inadequately the husband, also for it behaves! Thus, she experiences nervousness in a triple size.

Still presence of the husband forces women to behave at the subconscious level as defenseless little girls, and when there is no a number of a strong half, the woman undertakes its function - gathers and everything courageously suffers. Depends on her concentration and a spirit as childbirth will be allowed!

It is very frequent that men behave inadequately, women are guilty, strangely enough. Future mothers think that the husband will see something awful. Thereby we adjust ourselves and darling on a negative at once. It is unclear only how the sacrament of the birth of the new, dearest little man, can be awful? And again everything depends on the woman. If it consciously approached childbirth, treats them as to a certain miracle if has an idea how to behave, then everything has to pass well. I know many examples of presence of fathers at childbirth. And most of those fathers, who gives birth together with the wife, with some special tenderness treat the kid, and families became even stronger, some unusual spiritual proximity appeared.

However, the certain statistics showing that some fathers who are present at childbirth are afraid to touch later the wife exists. At some it passes quickly, at some long, and it in general is imperceptible for some. It is just necessary to prepare really for this process, then everything will be good.

I want to tell that, except support, the father has the special role in maternity hospital. It can control actions of doctors. In maternity hospitals physicians seldom comment on the actions, and then mother does not know that to her pricked that was done. And it is almost impossible to resist - not before! But the father everything sees , and even so: some actions of the doctor demand his permission, according to the Constitution.

Of course, it is impossible to tell unambiguously, it is good or it is bad. At each couple all individually. For example, the senior generation and furious opponents of joint childbirth consider that the husband cannot be allowed to the giving birth wife at all. The reasons are called such: will become the husband badly, the husband can lose sexual interest in the wife, the husband will disturb, process of appearance of the child has to remain secret for the man, the husband should not see the wife in not really esthetic look. But all this it is possible to disprove and give examples when it helps and pulls together. But also that, and other opinion has the right for existence.

But how many opinions and councils did not exist, the decision to accept to future parents. They say that at pregnant women the intuition is most developed so listen to yourself, the kid and the father! Good luck to you!