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What is it - pink with eyes, does not buzz? A taxi for women of

Wow! What rozovenky! And around headlights - eyelashes. Newcomer. As shines and quietly goes. What miracle!

Probably, again someone`s daughter showed off. After " inscriptions; Kolyan or Eve instead of registration plates, some fantasies of nozzles and a list by cars, already to be surprised not to what.

But this such pretty is also visible - for kilometer.

You what, you do not know? The same taxi new, for women!

It I you do not know ? Well!!! Well I now! - And in the Internet. I learn everything now. And I learn number, both I will order, and I will pass where - nibud. And I learn even more, than you!

It appears, the service of a female taxi works in the United Arab Emirates, England, Poland, Russia, Belarus and at Ukraine.

Idea was born in the east as the first-ever service of a female taxi appeared in Dubayakh in 2000. The same conditions, as in the Slavic countries: drivers are women, an attentive and caring attitude to clients, will lock transportations of men.

Whether Dubai - too big resort Slavs with Europeans also managed to drive, whether idea too original and perspective, but the result surpassed all expectations. Over the past few years these services only develop and win the new cities and the countries.

And it is not sophisticated. Unless your friends or darling did not remember a machine number on which you left guests in the evening?

Or, happens, want to save, will catch a private trader and begins views, questions.

Even if this is not about safety, then who us, beautiful, will understand better, than not to us similar. Also thought up for us additional services in pink taxi: screens with broadcast of popular video clips, magazines glossy, to children of a toy. In salon there will be all necessary: a mirror, an umbrella and a brush for footwear.

Standards in the different cities and the countries differ and change, except for the main. And taxi services differently are called.

Drivers, of course, women. They are obliged to keep up the conversation if the client wants to talk, certainly. Nobody will stick with inquiries. And near an entrance will stand until you come. Agree, too it is not unimportant. Some taxi services practice knowledge of methods of self-defense by drivers. That also to protect the client and most not to suffer. Situations happen different.

Men can sit down in a taxi only as the woman`s attendant. And differently - no. Drivers strictly observe this principle not only for the sake of image of service, and and for the sake of own safety.

Additional service of a taxi service for women declare transportation of unaccompanied children. If there is such need to whom you will entrust the child more?

A early in the morning from night club than you will go?

As for a mirror or light for back sitting. For me it nearly resolving issue. Unless you were never painted in a taxi? Here and I remember how I waited earlier until the car near the traffic light stops that still, and, the column was near a lamp. You get a mirror and quickly - quickly not to smear while the car starts. It is necessary to tell that the driver - the man not just crookedly looks at the same time, but also will not wait until you preen feathers.

As is good that all these problems in the past. The civilization comes!

Let men jealously belong to this idea! And to us, beautiful, pleasantly. There is already something for us special. Exclusive.