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Whether harmfully to smoke a hookah?

Again about a hookah? Not again, and objectively.

I until the people do not define the to it the relation.

There is it in a corner. Beautiful. Directly from the Emirates arrived. You look at it, and are remembered series Clone rest in Egypt, work in Syria and the cheerful companies of friends which came on a visit to smoke - to talk . And well, to take not to smoke here?

Verbose debate on the Internet just leads up a blind alley.

A all because

1. Copywriters who advertize hookahs and accessories or a hookah - bars, unanimously shout: yes you understand, the smoke passes through water, all pitches accumulate, nicotine at least . Moreover give filter illustrations after smoking through it of a hookah and tobacco. I admit, the filter after smoking of a hookah almost pure.

But somehow it not really. Directly, as advertizing of laundry detergent. Everything, you see in white packing badly erase, and our the best and packing bright, and the linen smells 3 days of meadow herbs, and the shirt twice blue, than was upon purchase.

Everything that is close to advertizing, already subconsciously makes a start.

2. Attention, on the arena WHO and magazines of the " type; Health . The youth departs from screens, smokers of cigarettes also lean mothers and grandmothers. The reason of such phenomenon is clear. Without having begun to read articles of these sources, we can define in advance what will be written to them about harm of smoking of a hookah. And there are arguments:

- 45 min. smoking of a hookah correspond 2 - m to the smoked cigarettes,

- in one gas station of a hookah of 8 mg of tobacco, and even if not to consider considerable reduction of content of pitches and nicotine, tobacco contains many other toxic agents.

3. Articles of experienced users of type: and I here smoke year, and nothing I just glance over.

Each group pursues the interest and states only the facts favorable to it. And where truth?

In - the first, tobacco for hookahs is a tobacco, with all mucks, in it entering. Let both dried up in a special way and soaked in fruit treacle. And still nobody cancelled nicotine addiction. Another thing is that water through which there passes the smoke when smoking, and even more that pretty corrugated cord really promote sedimentation of pitches and cooling of a smoke. Here it is not necessary to be the academician.

Also in a positive side declines that tobacco does not burn down as in a cigarette, and smolders. The main thing to stop in time, but not to drag on until the smoke does not appear any more, in general. Then on a saucer there will be a smoldering tobacco which it will be necessary... to throw out.

The subjective perception of ease of a smoke and pleasant fruit aroma, interesting prolonged conversation, and also the alcohol in parallel accepted are capable to lull often into a false sense of security. And then smoking of a hookah will turn into hours-long action after which it is possible to get both a headache, and nausea, and other symptoms of poisoning of an organism. Any smoker can confirm

how he under a liqueur glass is capable to smoke double and even threefold norm in a day. Imperceptibly so.

Distinction in a way of smoking of cigarettes and a hookah is also that reason for which even the European physicians cannot still come to a consensus. It is possible to smoke a hookah several hours, and it is possible to make several inhalings in the company. Treats also cigarettes.

And therefore we draw a conclusion: everything is good moderately .

If you do not smoke at all and consciously do not gather, then and with a hookah to be on friendly terms I do not advise. That did not arise habit to " tobacco;.

For the smoker, or for the person who is capable to count soberly as far as he is ready to offer the health, certainly, smoking of a hookah will be less harmful, than smoking of cigarettes. Especially, if to do it by rules:

- to use the tobacco which is specially intended for this purpose,

- not to be late with washing of a hookah and especially a tube and a hose,

- not to pour in a flask alcohol, except wine,

- not to drink alcohol in parallel, or at least hard alcoholic beverages.

How many it is impossible ! And what is possible? And it is possible: to mix tobacco according to in advance specified recipe, to drink remarkable teas or the cook - Coca, to pour juice in a flask (or to add part of juice to water). But fans know much about it.

Allow one more important remark for those who smoke to spite of the Ministry of Health: change, misters, mouthpieces. We from disposable glasses drink. And in this question the culture and purity is necessary too (which guarantee of health). It is not difficult at all.

And in conclusion, I wish you that your mysterious hobby for east traditions remained to a fruit smell in the room and pleasant conversation in memory .