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How to treat a school assessment?

the School mark - the certain figure put for written or oral performance of a task according to the training program urged to impart step by step to children knowledge of different objects - are a link in community school, child, parents . In this community passions of pleasure, and sometimes indignation sometimes storm, and there is almost always an intense expectation of parents: What the beloved child in the diary the of school will bring? . And the child who received a mark low - figure bad, goes home with the legs which became heavy, having a presentiment of threat of punishment and anger of native tutors

for anybody not a secret that the school mark in the magazine not only estimates progress, but also creates a stamp for each pupil: someone excellent student someone horoshist someone average someone poor . The estimates received by the child in a day, week, month collect, influencing its psychological state, confidence and understanding of the opportunities. The children who are poorly advanced from first years of training at school can linger for a long time on this level of progress if they are not helped by adults.

As a rule, children in a class unmistakably guess opinion of the teacher on each school student, and the relations of schoolmates often develop depending on the adult`s assessment.

The low mark causes negative expectations, and thus the failure which sometimes is seriously affecting development arises. The school appreciates knowledge, and the pupil poor is not respected there. And it, denying school values, loses educational interest, breaks discipline, looks for self-affirmation out of walls of educational institution. And, if parents in wild spirits shout after the child going to school: You Will receive the two - do not come! it will also not come - children do not understand figurative senses of words. And then adults will abuse themselves for silly, thoughtless threats, in despair being wound in search of the child beloved

A still sometimes says in communication with the poor child the scary phrase: From you you will wait for Nothing good . You do not hurry to say it, dear parents even if in the diary the continuous two and remarks. There is a surprising way of pulling up of the pupil - Pygmalion`s effect . Also it consists in belief of the adult and patient expectation. The parents and teachers believing in the poor pupil who lost interest in study assimilate to Pygmalion who created a statue and inhaled in it life.

Children very need sympathy and support of parents for failure, however it is important not only to love them, but also to know their features, interests and tendencies, considering surely at the same time a physical state. It is unreal and unsafe to wait from the child weakened by constant diseases, excellent study in all objects - the sparing mode and attention first of all to health of the kid is necessary.

The younger school age is favorable for influence of parents on formation of the personality therefore it is very important not to pass this time as every year the importance of expectations of adults for it decreases. Of course, and parents have to be authoritative, and their opinion has to be valuable to the child. Children in initial classes, as a rule, pay attention not so much to the assessment level how many on its justice. And moral support of parents is very important for them.

If the pupil tried and enclosed a lot of work in performance of a task, and received an assessment mediocre or bad, then it can be perceived by it as unfair. In this case the careful and objective analysis of the parent together with the child of his done work can define as far as expectations disperse from the teacher`s assessment. It is very useful and fruitfully for parents to learn to estimate the school tasks performed by them together with children.

But cases when the assessment by the teacher is really underestimated from - for his negative expectations meet. It occurs when it already had a negative installation, and he does not trust in durability of knowledge of the pupil, including success to casual. Then it is necessary to stock up with patience, to concentrate efforts and it is good to prepare a task, and maybe not one to surprise the teacher with his negative expectations. And to do it never late, but than further, can be more difficult for those.

The overestimated estimates, as a rule, are not perceived by the pupil as undeserved, however the schoolmates considering their owner as the teacher`s favourite can obostryonno react to them. But the overestimated assessment can be and sparing, supporting the poor child, and this trust can become incentive for further improvement.

It is important to teach the child to be respectful to others work and abilities, to see advance to a goal. If you, dear parents, estimate optimistically and soberly school progress of the child, to mark out all him even the most insignificant achievements, to rejoice together with him, then will help it to cope with uncertainty and weaknesses. Pay more attention to the children, do not forget about Pygmalion`s effect encourage them, without losing hold on reality, showing compassion and sympathy at failure. Believe really in the child`s forces, and your expectations by all means will begin to come true.

Protect, dear adults, the children, never despair from - for bad notes, you learn to estimate together with them their study and to correct shortcomings.