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Dorogo & Glupo. Again Rublyovka - Layf?

Here the last page of the book in a black soft cover also perelistnutsya, and I sat down to write the review in magnificent mood. ☼

If started talking about a cover, I will begin with it: the small book in the soft cover executed in glamourous tones (black, pink, diamond) with a photo of the same glamourous young lady it is distinguished from other books at once and bribes the availability (plus a soft cover).

Contents stilizirovano under LiveJournal that it is so fashionable today.

of the Event are described by an extent in a year, on average with an interval in three days (that is visible by dates, as in LJ), sometimes under chapter - the message it is found 120877 comments/Leave a comment and emotions in places are expressed by smiles ☺. Here such course also allows the author to write how to speak: to use to vyebyvatsya " vomit; go na and on each " page; Aha, shchaz! .

Subject Rublyovka - layf and LJ, such popular today (about LJ now even Lera Masskva sings), also popularity of the book and the author very quickly excited to heaven. By the way, you could already hear and read many reflections somewhere earlier. How the author admits (Svetlana Beloshapkina on a paspotra), she used the articles and materials which already bedraggled on TV and in the press, it - fashionable and secular (and, maybe, fashionable secular?;) ) journalist.

we Will return to the book. Beginning to read, constantly there was a wish to compare written with Oksana Robski - as - in any way the pioneer in this area. But gradually you understand that the book strongly differs. And even to the best. Language of the author is inimitable - natural, sincere, amusing (sometimes choked with laughter, trying to read her behind meal), but, on the other hand, rather literary is and distinguishes from posts in LJ (not everyone uses the words pronunciation and celibacy ) . Also ratings " are given; Men whom it is not necessary to contact not under any circumstances and Dictionary of a secular slang that allows to hold the book and as the desktop reference book on modern glamourous life . By the way, separate thanks for lists of forbidden words and for precepts of the secular girl - they set me thinking on the behavior ☺.

the open use of proper names and distribution of efficient notes, somehow Bribes: 100 thousand millionaires " live in Moscow; it is better to catch rich persons in an afternoon and at restaurants of Courchevel the price of caviar raises more often than by " oil;.

the Book is similar to the fairy tale. Also it seems that even heroes in it - fantastic. The last 30 pages of the book I in general sobbed for foreign happiness. Sometimes even applauded and shouted Bravo! . Therefore that who did not read, I will tell the last words of the book: Die all from envy! ☻.