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How to manage to understand other person?

the Spring rain began suddenly. People ran, trying where - nibud to escape.

Happy owners of umbrellas revealed them. The others ran to some shelters.

I was lucky. I went by the bus. And with interest watched all this commotion behind a window.

Slanting streams of a rain penetrated all street. And people tried to get up about walls of houses and booths.

But something was not so! And I could not understand that? Already almost all passersby hid at some structures or solemnly went under umbrellas. And all the same something was strange.

Ah here that! I saw in a window that streams of a rain fell from left to right. And people to take cover from them, had to stand to the right of structures. And they stood at the left, from a windward side. And the rain poured on them! And going under umbrellas inclined them so that the rain poured over them.

It is necessary what fools, I thought. Really they do not see from where pours a rain?

The bus began to slow down before a stop, and I saw that streams of a rain become more and more vertical. And when stopped, the rain replaced the direction. Streams began to fall from right to left, on the bus course. And all people went and stood correctly, disappearing from a rain.

The bus started, began to accelerate, and streams began to bend more and more to it towards again.

Now I understood in what business. We studied all this in physics at school. I was in moving system of coordinates - in the bus. Even, if the rain fell vertically, I would see it slanting. While the drop falls by a bus window, it moves forward. And I from a window see that the drop moves back, creating effect of a slanting rain. And the more bus speed, the is more inclination of streams of a rain.

Until I reached to the stop, the rain came to an end. I was lucky for the second time - I had no umbrella.

I went on the asphalt which is filled in with water under impression of just seen.

Not for nothing speak to understand other person, it is necessary to get down from the belltower (or to go out of the bus) and to rise with him nearby (to understand its position).

Here so the physics illustrated psychology.