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What way to grow thin the best?

That people for dumping of extra kilos only do not do: keep the rigid diet, eat tablets for weight loss, visit gyms and to that similar heavy, sometimes expensive, sometimes even harmful things. Let`s consider these types and their best and worst aspects.

Diets . One of the most popular ways of weight loss. Glossy magazines directly dazzle with diets - kefiric, apple, meat, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue and so on. And most often it damages health - the organism does not receive enough proteins, fats and vitamins. Requirements of an organism influence your addictions in food, it is just necessary not to confuse hunger and desire to chew something.

Tablets . the Majority them, except strong laxatives, contains preparations of amfetaminny type in the obvious or latent form, for example, fenfluramin, phentermine and other psychostimulators. They muffle feeling of hunger and an organism begins to take nutrients from own cages, there can be problems with kidneys and a liver, a digestive tract. In general the easiest way to grow thin - without expense of any forces, and, especially will powers. But drugs, even such lungs, cause accustoming and to throw can be difficult, besides when throwing the feeling of hunger comes back and weight is again gained.

Gym . Expensive pleasure, but justifies the money. Skilled experts will help you, will specify what muscles and how exactly it is necessary to develop. The main thing, it not to throw into the first week - all muscles hurt, besides appetite increases - the organism needs to restore energy expenses so in the beginning weight can fluctuate sharply on 1 - 2 kilogram during the day. To stop being engaged at first it is not recommended - the increased appetite remains, and there is no loading any more. Besides the psychological aspect - " is added; I how many trained! Now I can eat a roll. Or two . Not to throw halfway, recommend to take the subscription for a month or even on three if it is possible.

Run . the heaviest way. But one of the most effective - any monetary expenses - you can run in the morning before work, or in the evening, sometimes even together with a dog. For certain near your house there is a park, stadium, racetracks or just school with the sports ground. As a last resort it is possible not to go far, and to run up - down a house ladder. Occupation, maybe, and silly, but is more effective than usual run of time in two therefore for loss of the same number of kilocalories it is necessary to spend twice less time. Considerably to grow thin this way, it is necessary to have iron will power, and, of course, desire to change for the better.

It is the best of all to combine these ways on the taste, but considering councils of your doctor, but not the acquaintances who tried this or that technique and showing on themselves result. Even if this result keeps long time, at everyone the features of an organism and, respectively, different ways of weight loss. Good luck!