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What has to be for the kid the first day of life?

In mother`s relations with the child and in development of the kid a huge role will be played with how there passed the first day!

The birth is a heartrending experience not only for mother, but also for the kid. He endured an unusual, difficult situation, and now rest and rest are necessary for him. At mother in a tummy the kid got used to heat, darkness and the muffled sounds therefore and after the birth it has to be in the room where it will be silent, quiet and warm. Light, sounds - all this a huge additional stress!

The important point for the baby is a cutting of an umbilical cord. It is necessary to do it only after the umbilical cord ceases to pulse. It will help the kid to get used gradually to breath by lungs. Besides, the peanut will receive a large amount of nutrients that is useful for preservation of weight and decrease in a stress after the delivery.

At the birth the kid plunges not only into the world where it will be surrounded with love and attention, but also to the world of bacteria. The child needs to receive microorganisms of the native environment for what the baby needs to provide contact first of all with mother, but not with strangers. The baby have to put at once on a stomach to mother and there to leave.

Not less important for the kid and the first feeding, the first applying to a breast. The baby himself will give a signal when to it it is ready. With widely open mouth it will begin to twist the head here and there in search of a breast. It has to occur within the first hour after the birth. Why it is so important? During the several first feedings the kid receives colostrum which contains the ENDORPHINS calming the baby and forming affection for mother, ANTIBODIES, helping to lay the foundation of immunity and NUTRIENTS helping to pass to a new way of food.

The first contact of the kid with mother helps to create attachment. That everything developed well, the child has to appear on handles at mother at once. So he will hear a habitual beating of her heart and will feel in heat and safety. Even smells will help imprinting of images of each other.

About an hour through two after the delivery when mother with the kid completely calm down, they fall asleep. It is desirable to keep their contact and at this time! The baby needs to spend much time near mother! The less between them will be clothes, the better, contact skin to skin is much more useful to both. He got used to narrowness and continuous change of provisions therefore it should be carried on hands, to embrace, iron. It is necessary to talk to it! The kid has to receive a milk according to the first requirement. The quantity and duration of feedings are individual, the organism of the kid and his requirement have nothing in common with the schedule.

Together with mother it is better for newborn to have a rest in the quiet room, without persuasive attention of strangers. If the baby remains for any time one, it has to lie not on a big bed, and in a cozy cradle. Instead of a rigid mattress the soft perinka clasping it from all directions is necessary.

The first day of life is load of all organism therefore more than anything else kid needs gentle communication with mother.