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As well as where to spend holidays?

If you have on a nose a holiday, and you are wound on tour agencies, wishing to acquire the permit to France or other foreign country, then know that it is not obligatory to go at the other end of the world not to miss anything important and interesting. It is not necessary even to go abroad our Russia, and we have many such places where every day it is more and more pleasant to spend leisure-time.

1. Veliky Novgorod

Having visited this city, you will visit a cradle of the Russian history. Here and the St. Sophia Cathedral constructed by the prince Vladimir and Yuryev the monastery founded by Yaroslav the Wise was also Rescued by Preobrazhensky. And also tens more of churches, temples and monasteries.

to Novgorod will be executed In the near future 1150. In this beautiful city there are a lot of beautiful monuments and sights.

2. Kamchatka

Volcanoes, geysers, reserves, kraterny lakes, bears. The most developed tourist zone in the valley of the river of Paratunki, near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

One of the most surprising zones - the Hodutkinsky silicon sources located in the funnel which remained after volcanic explosion. They form the lake and the small river called Hot.

3. Kaliningrad by

to this city executed Two years ago 750 years. Kaliningrad began to change

to the best: restoration of the German royal palace destroyed in the years of war began. On the Pregolya River build Fish village - ethnographic and remeslenno - shopping center. The cathedral, the Amber museum, the wind farm on the seashore, the German forts on perimeter of the city is and you have to see many other things in the beautiful city - Kaliningrad.

4. The Sea of Azov

This country as regards waves - real alternative to Dakhab and Vietnam. Well, and it is not necessary to speak about the sea, the hot sun and suntanned beauties walking on the beach in bathing suits.

5. Baikal

the deepest and pure lake. Baikal is good the fact that there it is possible to go at all seasons of the year. For example, the summer is ideal time for various campaigns on local caves, mountains and the exotic island of Olkhon with all its legends and the real shamans, for occupation by horse tourism, drivings on catamarans and a water ski.

6. Altai will begin

construction of a modern alpine skiing complex at the foot of the mountain of Sinyukh here Soon. Altai is good in winter time. There are such ski slopes as Salair Ridge and Gornaya Shoriya.

7. Karelia

Tourism develops in Karelia with great strides. In recent years in this region tens of new hotels were constructed. There is such beautiful settlement as Raskualla near which the new tourist complex opened. There is also a housing among the Karelian nature, and excursion to thousand-year deposits of marble.

8. The Golden Ring Russia

such cities as Vladimir, Rostov, Alexandrov, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, the Goose - Crystal enter Here. All these and many other cities were the large cultural centers in ancient Russia. Now in these cities the greatest number of monuments of architecture, historical sights.

9. Moscow

Since December, 1991, as a result of collapse of the USSR, Moscow became the capital of the Russian Federation. Moscow is the city with a set of factories, high, beautiful buildings, banks, shops, museums, theaters. In 1997 the city noted the 850 - the anniversary. Well of course, a sin to be in Moscow and not to descend on the Red Square, not to visit at the great Soviet revolutionary and not to take a set of pictures of capital beauty.