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What can tell your scribble about?

Think, everyone, speaking by phone or listening to lecture, trying to pass away time or deliberating something, paid attention that the hand by itself draws something.

What can mean this simple scribble? According to psychoanalysts, we just like that do nothing, and through these drawings until the consciousness is occupied or was disconnected from boredom, subconsciousness seeks to transfer us some important information.

If on your leaflet settled down of a spiral, circles or wavy lines flowing each other - others problems you not too worry now. And though you pretend that you listen about the latest events which occurred in private life of the girlfriend, the attention nevertheless is completely concentrated on itself. Rather you endure now a crisis situation in which it is necessary to make the decision. Now you are vulnerable and can easily flare up.

On fields of a leaf flowers blossom , the sun shines , surprising garlands overhang - subconsciously you call: Pay attention to me! Here it - I needing heat, love and recognition! .

And what to do if a leaf the small or large grid covers ? You feel that you got into a risky or awkward situation. Each resolute fat line is an attack which you do not decide to undertake. But if in the end you led round drawing - subconsciousness coped with a problem, without your conscious participation so far. And still, how you reached life such? Perhaps, from - for tendencies to swallow offenses and irritation. Quite so in soul the disappointment and feeling of a neschastnost collects.

Having recovered you with surprise find on a leaf patterns as on old wall-paper - acute angles and smooth ovals connect in infinite motive . It says that it is boring for you, everything bothered you, beginning from in what you are engaged now, to a way of life in general.

About what wants to tell subconsciousness, drawing crosses ? You are tormented by the sense of guilt which arose, most likely, during conversation. Something weighs you: or you reproach yourself, or you were reproached by the interlocutor. You should find out immediately the reason, otherwise it is necessary to suffer for a long time.

The drawn little men - a sign of helplessness and desire to evade from some duty. We usually draw little men while it would be necessary to tell resolute is not present but this word is so difficult to force to pronounce. Subconsciousness calls: Refuse Better, otherwise you will be distressed then from - for own weaknesses!

But various geometrical figures show presence at you of the accurate purposes and beliefs. You almost never hide the opinion, seldom feel fear of the opponent. But this quality holds down your imagination and does not allow to relax. Than figures are more angular, you are more aggressive than subjects though externally it and is not always noticeable. See things more simply!

Honeycombs drawn with mean aspiration to tranquility, harmonies, the ordered life and if you are lonely, then to creation of a family. Perhaps, your problem in unwillingness to realize existence of such dream.

Quite often on a leaf accurate chess fields appear - most likely you fell into an unpleasant or difficult state, and dream of a clear and reliable way which will bring you. If such images are frequent, you suffer from complexes.

You think that an interlacing of circles - thought of a stable personal contact? Perhaps, but it as well desire to participate in something. At the moment you feel that you are out of events. Perhaps, you want to help someone, but you do not know how to make it. Try to find out why you off side also improve situation.

I hope, the knowledge of symbolical language of subconsciousness will help you to understand what it is necessary to pay attention to first of all.

Good luck!