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How to look after hair?

A you know that ALL normal men and women pay attention to hair. In some magazine even was a note that hair take the 3rd place in a rating What men » pay attention to;. But it was few years ago, and now when at guys the extended hairstyles are fashionable, and it is time for them to pay attention to quality of the fact that they carry on the head. As it is pleasant to look at healthy heavy hair and as there is a wish to turn away from the crumpled tails or fat locks of hair . Even it is heavy to me to consider how many times women approached me and asked how I look after hair, than I wash them and I paint whether the I have a hair color and so on. And how many men and guys got acquainted or just did a compliment from - for the fact that they liked my hair. Hair - it not only beauty, this state of your health and your mood. If they elastic and brilliant, their tips do not split, look back at you, then with your hair everything is all right. If they inertly fall down on shoulders, stick together in fat locks for the second day after washing of the head, then at once it is clear that you have problems. Whatever beautiful was your figure, skin and clothes if on your head anyhow the grown ugly locks, from the remains of old coloring - it will spoil all picture.

So, my councils for care of hair. Careful care of hair I began


about 7 - 8 years ago, on the first courses of institute, having seen enough advertizing of shampoos and photos in magazines. And it cost to me absolutely not much, for the sake of such beauty. Approximately in a year the result was accurately visible, and hair grew from shovels almost to a waist. In - the first, each 1,5 - 2 months it is necessary to cut tips of hair irrespective of, you let grow them or you carry a hairdress, only length of the cut-off tips depends on it. To me it was not really believed that it somehow influences, but when hair began to grow twice quicker, I any more never forgot them to update. (Cost - or as a usual hairstyle in simple salon, or ask the girlfriend, and it will cost you free of charge).

In - the second, every spring, and sometimes and two times a year I drink usual vitamins for hair and nails which are on sale in each drugstore, tried different, result same: loss significantly decreases, and gloss and growth amplifies. (The cost of usual, I repeat, not some advertizing the zazyvalok on 200 dollars, and usual vitamins B a drugstore will cost you to 10 c.u., I write to c.u. as in each country the currency). It is not such large sum, especially, you spend it only one - two times a year.

It is very important how you wash hair. Of shampoos it is full also everyone now can pick up the type so I will not paint that for an oily or dry hair different shampoos are necessary. More important the fact that hair should be washed with shampoo 2 times for one session of acceptance of a shower or a bathroom. Though on all packings is written to repeat washing if necessary, I experimented much and with confidence I can tell: wash 2 times! All dirt, dust and fat from hair is for the first time washed away, even water will be not really pure. And only after you will apply shampoo the second time, you will feel all softness and purity of your hair. After washing I always use balm or a mask for hair (every other time: once I do a mask, next time balm, and so I alternate). I use different balms, pan-oozes, fruktisa, and often I change them. I do not mean that I have on the shelf ten bottles of shampoos and balms, just when old balm and shampoo reaches a limit, I buy other brand. Now I use even a « mask; Green drugstore which costs 4,50 hryvnias, that is it is less than 1 c.u. Even the girl with very small income can afford it and what to tell about men who usually earn more.

One more rule, never, or whenever possible you dry hair the hair dryer less often and if regular laying is necessary, then buy the hair dryer with cold air, once you will be spent, but much more reduce the harm done to these murderer of health of your favourite volosik .

It is worth paying attention to such trifles. If you have no money for a natural woolen hairbrush, use only a tree or plastic, (I have a usual plastic massazhka and a wooden comb). Do not draw hair the thin elastic bands which are not sheathed by fabric. If you paint them, then do not use too remote from your color of tone. If to tint hair in the color, they will take gloss and a healthy form and if the brunette to paint in the blonde, then there is nothing more awfully than black roots and perepalenny tips (I am painted sometimes in the color, after summer burning out at the sea and after winter, just I update). Well, that`s all, there are more any secrets and efforts. Also try to tell that it costs much, it is even less, than a box of beer or a small bottle of inexpensive cognac on what many do not feel sorry for money. The main thing - not to be lazy and watch itself, as if you were tired at work or at the dacha. Also remember, it is not necessary to look with grief at advertizing of shampoos and to tell, all this models, lighting, computer effects, in life of it does not happen! Believe, happens, and it is even better and more beautiful.

of Progress all and patience.