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Why the Russian power does not love small business?

Strange question. And why she has to love it? The power loves the ordered movement. That is it - the power - a laminarna in essence. Small business is very chaotic. Or, if and further to speak language of science - turbulenten.

In small business constantly something occurs. He very shows consideration for inquiries of the market, is able to be reconstructed quickly. The owner of the small enterprise always is on the verge of a survival and therefore it is forced to be enterprising and dynamic. It, as driver of the " car; Oka rushing on the federal highway in an environment of Mercedes and Lexuses. Those are also glad to clean it from the road that did not hinder the movement, but cannot. Cannot yet. Just it is not thought up different roads for a different class of cars yet.

For economy of any country going on the way of construction of capitalism, existence of small business is absolutely necessary. Only on condition of freedom of enterprise and existence of the competitive environment those who are cleverer will earn. Those at whom it is developed, sometimes at the level of an instinct, enterprise gift. Only in small business it is possible to approve new ideas quickly. Bankruptcy in small business does not mean the end to all at all. Well, it did not turn out. It is possible to try once again in this or absolutely other branch.

We will take for an example voyenno - navy. There is a place to both huge aircraft carriers, and the small ships - intelligence agents, to corvettes and is rocket - to torpedo boats. By the way, during World War II torpedo boats on an indicator price / quality of the rendered services were much more effective than huge battle ships.

In the countries of the western democracy understood it for a long time. To small business as to fundamentals of their economy, huge preferences are given. There since the childhood train future businessmen.

Why in our country there is a universal suffocation of small business? Why our power decided that destiny of businessmen only a services sector?

The answer, apparently, lies on a surface. In - the first, the size of tax revenues from small business is insignificant in comparison with thirty - forty biggest corporations. The power just does not understand why in the country there are millions of people of working-age, and it, the power, from it almost falls intermittently nothing. Whether it is better to drive them into those corporations - taxpayers? And under supervision will be, and the treasury, theoretically, has to be replenished. In - the second, the power Russian at the level of an instinct does not love free people. Well we had no freedom neither at the tsar-father, nor at Bolsheviks. And not now to begin.

The government is the huge rather accurately working mechanism. It, certainly, is necessary for existence and small business, and all country. The thin power, than full anarchy is better - apparently, already almost all understand it. But also officials have to realize that not they grow up bread, stand at counters and build houses. Have to realize, at last, that to saw a bough on which you sit not the cleverest occupation. So far only also remains to small business what to sing the Russian power the famous romance:

And finally I will tell: Farewell, to love not obyazuysya .