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What it is necessary to know about porcelain?

Hobby for festive feasts - characteristic feature of many national cultures. All of us seek to receive guests adequately. To feed and give to drink, surprise tasty with table layout, beauty and value of ware. Let`s talk about the last.

Everyone chooses that he most meets its expectations about fine and to financial opportunities. Nevertheless, as well as in everything, there are general tendencies. In crockery branch the most prestigious and expensive are porcelain services, especially from bone porcelain. The fashion on bone porcelain remains in Europe several centuries.

The homeland of the European bone porcelain - the city of Stouk - he is Trent, in the English county of Staffordshire. For the first time it was received about 1800 as a result of addition in the main components of the Chinese porcelain (a kaolin and feldspar) of ashes from burning of bones of animals. Products turned out very thin, is dazzling white and extremely strong.

In some way process of creation of bone porcelain reminds baking of cake. Ingredients mix up, the form is molded, baked, and then decorated. Pastries or roasting happens at a temperature about 1200 degrees Celsius. All water in the course of roasting evaporates, at the expense of this product decrease in volume approximately by 1/6 part. After inspection on existence of defects of a product are ready to drawing glazing.

Glazing is the thin glass layer doing a porcelain product absolutely smooth. It can be colourless, painted, stirred up. After drawing glazing by a spray or full immersion of a product in a bathtub the ware passes one more, so-called glostovy roasting at a temperature of 1080 degrees. It turns glazing into a glass brilliant covering and strongly attaches it to a product.

Ornament in the form of patterns and drawings can be applied on ware before glazing, but is more often after it. Today porcelain is almost not painted manually. The exception - expensive elite products, one cup from their number can cost till 1000 euro. The print is more often used. By means of a copper stamp drawing is applied on thin paper which is imposed on ware. Further paper washes off, and drawing remains. The most mass method of ornament is a lithograph, i.e. transfers.

After drawing drawing bone porcelain waits for the next roasting at a temperature about 700 degrees during which paints turn into solid indelible enamel. Different paints demand various temperature of roasting therefore process can repeat several times.

How to choose qualitative ware? First of all, brand. World famous names guarantee high quality. The inscription China or Bone - china does not mean the Chinese production. The term became current in England at the end of 18 - go centuries and says that before you a porcelain product. In other countries of Europe porcelain is usually marked the inscription Porcelain.

Examine a product. It has to be smooth and pure, without specks, bubbles, holes and cracks. Cups strongly, without distortions settle down on saucers, lids should not be too free. Special attention to handles. The weakest part - the place of their fastening to a product.

Having spent money for good ware, protect it. In a storage time shift plates and saucers napkins, do not put them at each other. It is better to store cups in the state suspended for the handle if to put them at each other, it is possible to damage handles. Wash the dishes separately from forks, spoons, pans. Try that porcelain products did not adjoin with each other, never use firm basts. Use water of moderate temperature, never overheat it more, than it is recommended the producer.

Warming up of bone porcelain in an oven is quite safe, remember stages of its production. However heating by naked flame or sharp temperature drops are contraindicated. Warm teapots and coffee pots before use, pour hot water in them slowly.

In principle, bone porcelain is very durable. At observance of simple measures of care it will long please not only you, but also your children and grandsons.