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Why I do not recommend to use MS FrontPage for development of the websites?

Speak, to criticize the easiest. Perhaps, it and so. And for certain there will be opponents of this text who will prove the return. And I also do not build the words in dogma and I do not apply for a role of the great guru. Just I generalize own experience. And as a result of own experience I came to a conclusion - it is impossible to use MS FrontPage for development of the good website. This editor is excellent for editing simple HTML pages without their vykladyvaniye in the Internet.

In the world of software programmers gave birth great variety of HTML - the editors constructed by the principle of WYSIWYG that is deciphered as What You See Is What You Get (To that you see, you also receive). Concerning Microsoft FrontPage it is more correct to translate as No Matter, that you see, all the same receive nothing .

As well as any other a child of Microsoft, this program possesses very capricious character . In general, all products of Microsoft as condoms - it is pleasant to nobody, but all use. Though there are worthy alternatives.

But we will return to our rams.

The main lack of MS FrontPage - unrestrained desire to think and solve everything for the developer. Though, it is just the program calculated on satisfaction of needs of the mass user, but not people. But personally I sicken when the program holds me for the idiot. The program makes an assumption that the user is not capable to write HTML code at all independently therefore the program has to make it for it, at the same time having generated a large number of unnecessary, excess tags of formatting. So, if earlier (till 2000) FP98 inserted a tag of FONT everywhere , then FrontPage2002 inserts a tag of SPAN everywhere .

The first releases of FrontPage left shock impression: 1 kilobyte of the text at the exit gave 1 megabyte of garbage. The program adjusted pages to the unknown standards, having forgotten about W3C. FrontPage bears such gag also the quantity of an inconceivable code puts it that it influences the speed of loading of pages. With it many visual html - editors, of course, sin, however Microsoft FrontPage is in the lead with a big separation.

After creation, destruction and repeated creation of any visual object on web - the FrontPage page does not clean the remains from the previous, already remote element therefore quantity parasitic a code grows as a snowball.

Still noticed that in problem FrontPage 2000 even with use of the P tag , for example, at alignment of the picture to the center aligns also all text of the page.

HTML shots allowing to break the page into several windows in some browsers are not displayed or displayed incorrectly. And though tools for shots of the FrontPage Editor editor give the chance to set the mode in which contents of the page are reproduced also by means of such browsers in this mode it is impossible to look through previously pages and to judge a correctness.

A table system in FrontPage, it is very problematic to create desirable. FrontPage, analyzing the page, can find its such parts which in his opinion are wrong, or they do not conform to its unknown standards, and changes them, that spoiling all document.

And if on your ready page forms are used, then do not open it in FrontPage better. I give 90% that your form after preservation will not function.

Weak support of the cascade stylesheets (CSS - cascading style sheets) intended for office of the description of appearance of Web - pages from their information contents irritates (even in the new FP version). For creation of own style page the user should resort to the help of an additional tool like Windows Notepad.

The new version and problems with use of effects did not avoid. Not all effects which are correctly working in the browser are looked through in the Preview mode, and that in the browser everything will be normal, it is not always possible to guess.

And, by the way, about browsers, FP - it is ground under IE. Respectively, in other browsers constantly there are problems with the website, FP written with use.

As the child already mentioned by Microsoft, FrontPage inherited still such feature as unsociability with other programs which do not support separate technologies of Microsoft, but at the same time are quite widespread in the market. And sometimes even with own relatives . For example, if you established MS Office 2000, and you want to put separately of FrontPage XP, then prepare for problems with Word and Excel.

Any professional developer uses. htaccess and I strongly recommend to treat Microsoft FrontPage Extensions watchfully. At the end of 1997 and the beginning 1998 huge number of web - servers were cracked. All of them used Microsoft Frontpage Extensions. The problem with Microsoft Frontpage Extensions consisted that the installation of Frontpage set by default was not safe especially in version unix. The huge number of the servers supporting Microsoft Frontpage Extensions was left without passwords or the administrative rights for each group, including anonymous connections were allowed.

And even about breakings. Rather recently hacker group from Brazil known as Silver Lords, was cracked three a web - the website of the Microsoft company, and, according to burglars, they used widely known vulnerability in a web - the server of Microsoft IIS, found in June, 2001. For breaking of the websites they used vulnerability in one of a component a web - the Microsoft IIS FrontPage Server Extensions servers.

Still examples? Please. 24 - the summer employee of the Cwis company, the largest the Internet - provider of the State of Oklahoma, helping friends with creation of own website, encountered a gap in protection of web - the website of the Poteau Daily News newspaper. Working in Microsoft FrontPage, Vest found out that the website of the newspaper does not demand any identification or the password for editing any files on the server - again - thanks to Microsoft Frontpage Extensions.

Though Microsoft hoofs itself in a breast, claiming that FrontPage is a professional package, I claim that it not so. But if your only task is creation of a homepage with the photo and the biography, then there will be enough FrontPage for eyes.

P. S.: Microsoft corporation, having once jumped on a wave of general updating of everyone and everything, in 2007 to itself she does not intend to change obviously: having carried out reorganization in a camp Windows, the corporation turned the terrible look on the glorified Frontpage program which from such attention retired to the background and immediately turned into SharePoint Designer 2007. So exotic focus allowed some especially impressionable persons to announce immediately death of Frontpage though in reality the situation is much more cunning. Only renaming, is the new product based on the Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 technologies. Time will show, what will be farther.