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What is skeleton?

Only do not think about those little men who flashed during a commercial break on the TV and offered children a new yum-yum. Here it will be a question not of it at all. Skeleton is a sledge and still a sport. Which essence is in going down from the winding ice slope lying on a stomach as soon as possible.

History of skeleton is not strongly big. Though sledge were thought up to Father Frost, and to go down here on them lying on a stomach - so much - invented in 1887 MacCormick quicker to year. It happened at luge competitions.

The new subspecies of sled races were called skeleton . And all because the sledge if to put them, something reminded a skeleton of the person.

Over time sledge were transformed. And so, for example, one Englishman created the sledge which would stand on two 22 - millimetric runners.

Winter of 1912 the joint club of hockey and skeleton in Germany was created, and open descent national championships from mountains on skeleton soon began to be held. In Russia the first competitions in this sport took place near Riga. However World War I for a long time interrupted development of skeleton in the countries of Europe.

Skeleton competitions were included in the program II of the Olympic Games held in Sankt - Moritz in 1928.

Dzhennison Heaton (USA) was the first Olympic champion, and his brother John Heaton got silver.

I cannot tell that skeleton enjoys wide popularity, but nevertheless after holding the winter Olympic Games in the USA, this sport if it is so possible to tell, anew was born.

The most interesting that the steering at sledge is absent therefore the athlete regulates everything thorns on boots. Here it would be pertinent to ask a question how many sledge weigh? And so, men have 43 kg, and at women 35.

Here present that you you fly on downhill racing at a speed of 130 km/h. What would you feel? From the Russian athletes and sportswomen, with such speed Ekaterina Mironova managed to fly only, at the World Cup stage in Leyk - Pleyside.

Skeleton quite dangerous sport. It is considered as one of the most extreme.

It would be desirable to mention here one tragic case which happened to the famous Latvian athlete Girt Osteniyeks. During descent on the route it appeared iron bean which nobody operated, - - that the athlete also hit against it the head at a speed of 80 km/h.

In 1982 the first downhill racing World Cup on skeleton in Sankt - Moritz where athletes from 7 European countries took part took place.

In 1986 the International school of skeleton organized training of trainers and athletes in various countries. Special programs were developed, and also the Commission on skeleton in the international federation of bobsled and skeleton is created.

Skeleton was twice excluded from the program of the Olympic Games, but as popularity and love to it came back, he fitted into the program again.