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How to protect the relations from deception?

Why, even when we have a husband, the wife, the guy, the girl, generally, the second half, all of us equally meet other people of an opposite sex? I do not mean the business relations or casual acquaintances provoked by destiny, life, call as you want. Purposeful acquaintance on the street, at the sea, in a disco means, at the same time some do not even remove a wedding ring.

You are a beautiful girl, not silly that is considered a rarity for girls with cute appearance. You kind and sympathetic, at you are the good guy, and you love each other. And? You go towards the subway from work, the red jeep Lexus stops, and here began It left the handsome man in white, the fragrant Mania Homme from Armani smiling in both jaws, and he runs for you. For such small, modest and slightly confused, directly in the subway, beautifully slips forward and, blocking a way to the escalator, suggests to give a ride to you anywhere though on the world`s end. The smile, a meeting views, put everything what temptation, what honor how it flatters me, you think what to do?

And your favourite guy? Or it any more not darling? Ah yes, it has no car, he sits at work now, and even the whole 2 hours to do it some reports. Then he will go tired home to the subway and will not even take a walk with you. Yes not really good prospect. Perhaps to sit down to sweep with a breeze? On yours: no, I have a guy, and I love him the stranger, having grinned, answers: and that, I have a girl too, I just suggest to talk . And then on you begin to press dirty drizzles: well here it if I sweep, and in general I am free, and suddenly it is destiny, we have a democracy and the other nonsense

generally, this your business - to sit down or not, to get acquainted or not! But actually all turn of your relations with darling depends on it. Once drove, the second - went to drink coffee and so on The temptation is big, and there will be a lot more such meetings throughout all life. You have to solve for yourself and for anybody it is more - whether it is worth it to lose IT. it, with what you spent so many fine nights, and busy days. Yes, it has no car, but it is still young, and it has all ahead, and it does everything for you. Was tired at work? - but it is not the robot, you would support him better, and everything at you will be excellent.

Ah and, Lexus, suntan, that, probably, significantly more richly And here everything depends only on your vigilance. Think properly that to you it is more important, fleeting flirtation which can terminate not really successfully or that heat and trust between you which you managed to construct? And in general, in white, it has this in the telephone book of 200 cells with phones of the same girls how you and where a guarantee that he is not married and it has no family and children, and he just decided to gambol or regularly it does, and suddenly it in general is dangerous?

If nevertheless you get into this car, so you in search of the half, and you do not love the guy what you proved, do not deceive yourself and if you also are married, then it does not do you credit at all. It you will break That intimately - gentle invisible, between you two, and will involve deception and mistrust in your life. And 99% of a guarantee that the relations will be cooled, you will soar somewhere and to think of something, and your guy will worry, interrogate that he happened and all this will lead both to irritation But, if you do not sit down, then when you come home, will look to it in eyes, will cunning smile and will kiss with all love you can be proud for yourself and for the fact that you resisted, and you will understand that the main thing is a trust, and any double life.

It only on the screen is a lot of words and offers, and in real life it is only an instant, one thought, one look and everything will become on places. And depends on one act the whole chain of events and consequences . All the time will deliver on the places to

And if you are a man, but also is married, then your acquaintances will not lead to anything good too, like it that she also did not think to go with someone to coffee better, now not that time that the wife stayed at home and suffered from your adventures, look in both will take away.

of Good luck everything, also you remember that it is necessary to put itself to the place of the second half and not to hide anything unless a pleasant surprise:)