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How to tame a garlick smell?

Garlic is popular around the world already several thousands of years. And all this time it fills our dishes with juicy aroma and useful substances. How to make so that this smell accompanied our culinary works and did not accompany us?

So, how to attract garlick taste and aroma to our culinary creations?

It appears, in the course of preparation of dishes for addition of garlic not much time is allocated, - all - that minutes 2 - 3. These minutes fall on fire switching off moment, a plus-minus one or one and a half minutes. The matter is that the garlic put before this time can to disappear completely that is not to introduce any taste in a dish, or to give bitterish smack. Culinary specialists recommend not to put garlic in already cooled down dish, - you as a result will feel only garlic.

It appears, one garlic glove cut or crushed will give to your dish bigger aroma, than several cloves. Only fresh garlic, but not powder from it suits for cookery.

Garlic is not really combined with fish, but it can be added to shrimps, crabs and lobsters.

From all types of meat garlic best of all is on friendly terms with mutton. It is better to add to fresh vegetables salad sweet large garlic.

To boiled meat, crabs, boiled vegetables often serve the French sauce of aioli . For its preparation mix 2 tablespoons of istolchenny garlic with one yolk, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of olive oil. Mix is salted, add pepper and shaken up to density.

Garlick sauce to a fried bird and a jelly: to mix 5 squeezed-out garlic gloves, 200 gr. sour creams, 100 gr. kefir, 0. 5 h l. salts. To allow to be drawn to sauce it is not less than an hour.

Hot sauce eskargo is added to shrimps and cabbage of broccoli. For its preparation it is necessary to warm half-cups of olive oil from 2 tablespoons of greens of parsley and 1 h l. a dry tarragon to add 1 tablespoon of istolchenny garlic and in a minute to switch off fire.

For giving of an appetizing garlick savor to salad, vinaigrette, or other cold dish, it is possible to rub a crust of rye bread with salt garlic and to put for some time it in thickness of a dish. It is possible to rub a salad bowl with garlic - and you also receive pleasant aroma.

And as to distract from us a garlick smell?

If you touched garlic, - your hands will smell of it even after you wash them. Rub a hand on a metal surface, - and the smell will disappear. Such way can be useful for fans of coffee, - to wipe hands with a coffee thick.

For anybody not a secret that garlic has a pungent smell. To weaken sharp garlick a smell from a mouth, culinary specialists recommend to jam garlic a small bunch of fresh parsley, to chew coffee grains, to drink hot milk or to rinse a mouth milk. Frankly speaking, from all this list parsley is closer to me. It is convenient, - buy garlic - buy in addition a parsley bunch.

Americans also advise to eat cardamom after garlic. And right there delicately point that the garlick smell does not matter if you communicate with same chesnokoyedam as well as you are.

Possibly, in confirmation of these words annually at the end of July in America in the small town Gilra (Gilroy) there takes place the Festival of Garlic (Garlic Festival). In this city there are garlic plantations, and their madly appetizing aroma extends on all the district. At a festival the garlick food - garlick sauces, garlick soup, garlick bread is represented and (who could present?) garlick ice cream. Garlick bread is baked directly on the street - here knead dough, form of it bread and baked on tongues of flame - a delightful show. Garlick drinks and an other delicacy of cookery can be tasted at every turn. Dances, attractions for children and fun accompany everything three days of a festival. Americans borrowed this holiday from the French town of Arlo (Arleux) considering itself by the garlick capital of the world.

Pleasant garlick taste and aroma to your dishes!