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Health care in France, what it?

the French health system work according to accurately debugged scheme.

Main that has to be on hands is a treasured green card, of CARTE VITALE which is an obligatory insurance (s é curit é sociale). On it personal data of the owner and number are put, and also the photo is planned in the near future.

When viewing the questionnaire for employment right there it is possible to come across the " point, obligatory for filling; your number s é curit é sociale or s é cu as it is called by French. All indigenous people of France, as for foreigners has this card, having provided the relevant documents, everyone whose stay in the territory of the French Republic legalizirovano can receive it free of charge. It is about long stay (study, work, training, immigration), it does not concern to tourists.

Carte vitale gives the chance to receive in a drugstore many medicines free of charge or almost free of charge. But!. only according to the recipe!

So if you feel that the easy indisposition promptly develops into flu, you quite can immediately buy aspirin (Aspirine), paracetamol (Doliprane) and Strepsils in a drugstore and without recipe.

And here further - it is more difficult! You want to buy a grass to rinse a throat and to make inhalations, or drops for a nose, those which helped you at cold when they were written out by the doctor?... Forgive, madam, the monsieur, but where your recipe?! And to receive the recipe, desire to visit the doctor and if you are not attached to a certain doctor and not really you are guided in space moreover hardly you speak Dumas`s language then in the next few days hardly what shines you.

However, maybe, someone will take pity over you, and, having stayed in turn in a small reception, in the company of violently blowing nose representatives of this refined country, entertaining itself a pack of fairly crumpled magazines, you, at last, will get to the doctor and will achieve - a treasured piece of paper!

Also according to the recipe antibiotics are sold here, the Obligatory insurance covers an antiallergic medicine, contraceptive tablets, many mixtures and cough syrups etc. with

from 65% to 100% of cost of drugs (100% if are about vital preparations, for example, for the people sick with diabetes, epilepsy, asthma), and also to 70% of cost of visits to the doctor (all this goes due to automatic assignments from a salary, i.e. the hidden taxes).

By the way, visit to the therapist (to g é n é raliste) will cost you 26 euros. Upon purchase of drugs in a drugstore the sum covered by s é cu, is subtracted automatically, consultations at the doctor are paid on the place with the check or cash, and then money is compensated into the account to the patient.

The additional insurance if that is available, covers all the rest. Cost on an additional insurance varies from 20 euros a month (student`s option with the minimum set of services) to 100 euros and above (prosthetics, payment of chambers in hospital or maternity clinic etc. is included) . Many enterprises offer the employees additional health insurances at preferential price.

If therapist, poorly - it is poor, all of you can find for short term, then with narrow-purpose experts, such as, for example, the gynecologist / stomatologist / ophthalmologist etc. the situation is as follows. in principle, to all these doctors that family therapist has to send to

in case he considers it necessary.

However, this system is entered in France slightly more than a year ago and still perhaps, passing the doctor, to contact directly the required expert.

But here unaware are trapped by new surprises.

So, having called the reception doctor with a request to get in the next few days to the gynecologist to make sure that recently found pregnancy proceeds normally or just on consultation you will hear in reply perfectly polite voice of the secretary: forgive, madam, but I can write down you only in 2 months, before all is busy .

Having thrown heartily the receiver, and having remembered all those words which you yet never in life pronounced, you convulsively dial number of the following doctor... also you hear something like that.

And so, know if business does not suffer delays, and you plainly do not imagine where still to address, then conversation should be begun with the word URGENTLY, by the way, be are ready that the secretary will meticulously ask you in what all - business and why such urgency?!

Well, and as a last resort, it is necessary to go to hospital, to office of the urgent help (urgence) where, having waited for the turn (be ready that it can take a couple of hours and be not surprised if the only doctor on duty, despite crowd of patients, quietly departs to have dinner!) you will also have to reason the arrival, otherwise, if your reason is not weighty, you can back be sent on doctors, here and without you there are enough patients (it is absolutely extreme case, but happens and so). So, be more persistent!

On visit to the stomatologist do not dream to get in the same day even unless he is your good acquaintance and/or to you it is really bad!

Of course, there is phone of so-called service SOS m é decine, that is, the same ambulance where it is possible to get urgent advice or to call the doctor on the house (the truth, is not immediate departure, the doctor approaches within one or two hours!) but not always necessary contact near at hand!

And here if, God forbid, took you houses moreover and at night and there are no forces and an opportunity to reach the nearest hospital, then it is necessary to cause service of rescuers of Pompiers.

Nice children occur at them there!. I Remember

, somehow happened at my acquaintance Quincke (very strong allergic reaction swelled up to difficulties with breath), and so fellows went 40 minutes, being at distance 3 - x kilometers, 2 times passed by, despite the huge phosphorescing sign at the house.

All this time the friend of the victim was with them in touch, and 40 minutes of unsuccessful searches of the designated house later, they took an interest whether still the help is necessary!

The benefit, the patient rescued domestic suprastin. Having arrived, at last, children could not understand why they were so persistently disturbed. Swelled, thanks to a suprastin, slept, there is almost no allergic reaction left on skin too. They long measured pressure, and inquired that mademoiselle deigned to eat in the evening.

Having attentively listened about strawberry for dinner, young physicians reflected. And here still the girlfriend remembered that she drank a capsule of the French vitamin of the " type; Komplivit .

the Last message worked magically! One of rescuers significantly looked at the victim and said reproachfully: You drank vitamin, for the night? What are you surprised to? Vitamins can be accepted only in the morning! Well, all is clear...! Then there was a mute scene and when all of us came round, them and the trace caught a cold...

Generally, will be able to tie up the wounded finger and to measure pressure rescuers to you, nevertheless elements of medical education are available, do not worry, all is not so hopeless at all! So you will be to zavtry healthy if only you do not die! ...

will send then a Bill on the house, besides, do not worry, will not forget about you! .

One more feature of the French medicine: here to doctors it is necessary to come, as a rule, with the ready diagnosis, at them with it tugovato, it is checked on itself and acquaintances repeatedly! Of course, they at you will reveal usual flu and right there will register antibiotics!

Self-treatment is not welcomed here, French at the first symptoms of an illness run to the doctor without whom even the pill of paracetamol is afraid to be taken.

Well, summing up the results, it is necessary to recognize objectively that pluses, undoubtedly, are also considerable: in total, mostly, as you see, the medical equipment at the high level, here unless with some experts a crunch and the attitude towards patients peculiar turns out free of charge... Well it is already, as they say, nuances.

By the way, conducting pregnancy, childbirth, stay in clinic - all this is almost completely paid with the state, but it is already a subject for separate article which shortly and will appear...

And, finally, council leaving for the country of the European fashion: it is necessary to go to France with the first-aid kit initially in spite of the fact that the French pharmaceutics is considered one of the best in the world, and in Russia this market teems with fakes, in the homeland of cheeses you can just not get the medicine which was urgently necessary for you!

of Health to you!