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Whether it is easy to steal foreign husband?

Researchers of family relationship claim that recently quantity stealings (when the man leaves, apparently, safe family to other woman) very strongly increased. And the reason for that change of values which happened after disintegration of the Soviet Union. After this event the ratio of men who can be potential grooms, i.e., successful, rich and safe strongly changed. And women who were tired of loneliness or fight against losers by husbands who become an inveterate drunkard, without having an opportunity or without wishing to be realized in life.

Real men became an endangered class therefore hunting on them forced women to resort even more often to to stealing foreign husbands. The woman wants the small happiness therefore the principle on foreign misfortune of happiness you will not construct stopped being actual, on it already nobody especially turns attention. And if earlier withdrawal of the husband at the competitor was condemned by society, then now this action turns into a certain season of hunting when brought home a game it is considered the lucky and the successful hunter.

What it is necessary to know that who is afraid for the morally unstable husbands who want to prevent stealing the husband competitor? Whether it is easy to carry out it actually?

The first that needs to be made is to look narrowly at the spouse to understand what type of men it treats as with it to behave, and the risk it is how big to lose. The matter is that all men are divided into several archetypes which characterize a way of life of the person, outline ways of his behavior, influence the device of own world. It is clear, that in pure form each type meets extremely seldom, but, having looked narrowly at the beloved, the woman everything is can find in it lines which are more inherent in this or that type.

Wise man - the man who towers over reality. He does not love daily vanity and avoids from participation in it. For it vanity is what most of people presently - career, earning money and so on aspires to. For the man - wise man the main task is the judgment of how this world is arranged and in what the highest mission of the person. He is interested in global events, but not little things in life. The wife of such man can be quiet, he will not begin to rush in an extreme and to leave a family. To Stealing such men give in with a scratch as in each woman see a new problem.

If wise men today there is not a lot of, gawks among men more than it is enough. Despite the name of very type, gawks can be rather clever, enterprising and vigorous. Their main problem is that they live on those terms which to them are dictated by life. He takes all reality in all good faith, and is very trustful. Will do what will be advised to it by people. Here such husband - gawk it is easy to lose, behind it, as they say, an eye yes of eyes is necessary. Rich gawks catch on flattery and immense admiration.

The man - hero is eager for romanticism, it is boring for it to live without adventures and feats. It is easy to line this man on any adventure if he sees in it realization of the role of the savior which he very much loves. Hero it is often got involved in the conflicts, not always leaves them the hero. It is worth looking after such husband as him it is frequent buy on thirst of feats and rescue of beautiful women.

The man - player catches a high from adventure, cunning twirled intrigue. It is charming, clever, resourceful, but for it life - game. It cannot stop, having won the next woman. He just does not know what with it to do therefore moves off in searches of new. Player most of all clings the power and money, it can to lasso rich and self-sufficient lady.

Villain - the man whom, perhaps, you should not even hold. This is the small tyrant in a family who derives pleasure from dirty tricks which he constantly does to humiliate the woman, to force it to be nervous, cry. It can push off easily foreheads of two women to watch their fight for it. Perhaps, if the wife understood that her husband villain it is worth enduring more not about himself, and about the woman who will take away it as she will fall, subsequently, a victim.

And, at last, the man - artist . Women go gaga over from such man, he creates own world, such not similar to reality. It attaches significance to details, for it there are no trifles, and it bribes women. But, actually, without wishing to fight and win against circumstances, artist creates the world, the reality in which hides from realities of life. It is heavy to hold such men, they are unpredictable therefore they leave.

Having attentively looked narrowly at husbands, wives can now more - less know what nearby lives or firm tin tell-tale not giving in to stealing, or the man from risk group whom it is worth looking after. Protect the husbands, lovely women!