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What the woman that did not take away her husband needs to know?

very topical issues arise Presently at women who worry concerning change of the spouse: What was not enough for it? What did I make not so? Than it is better than me? And another similar to these. So, what really was not enough for it? To answer these questions, the woman needs to pay attention to herself and it is better to make it not after change happened, and before to prevent this campaign on the left the beloved. What it is necessary to pay attention to?

There are so-called female archetypes, belonging to one of which, the woman or falls a potential victim off which it is easy to fight the husband, or itself at whom you want, will beat off. By the way, distinguishing these archetypes, it is possible to know what your best friend is capable of.

So, we will begin with classical villains . She is a bitch, the she-devil, the predator who derives pleasure from destruction of others relations. At the same time to it the man is not important at all, he maybe is not necessary to it, to it process is important. It will tempt him, or everything will make at least to interest and if it has on the man far-reaching plans, then she is ready to develop the careful plan for withdrawal of that of a family. Villain very clearly lets know to the man that what waits for him with it, he never before tested. For this reason villains make success among men.

The woman - ninny it is very good for family relationship and is not dangerous as the competitor. It concerns those on whom the help can lean, ask and it will never refuse. It is good for the family relations, but in it there is no riddle that disappoints husbands. She does not own at all seduction art therefore it is considered the good girlfriend, reliable. But from such most often husbands as for them presence of pies in kitchen and purely ironed linen in a case is insufficient also leave. The man needs in the presence of special charm the woman, surroundings, an unpredictability time, especially, as for the intimate party of the relations.

Life with unlucky person for the man turns into continuous search of other woman who will not begin to show the account for the victim allegedly brought once for the sake of it. He will begin to look for that which will present itself without any claims. The woman - unlucky person it is capable to make, really, a sacrifice and it often bribes men, but when she makes out a bill, and constantly remind of it, the man regrets that agreed to accept this victim. Such woman of much wants and therefore feels eternally unclaimed, at the same time always states the dissatisfaction and discontent.

The woman`s archetype - reportyorsh received such name not for a profession, and for aggression and superficiality. This is the person with claims. She considers that she knows everything about men, sees them through, at the same time acts rashly plain truth. Men take her self-confidence for force and it is pleasant to them. They are interesting to those men who want that all issues in a family were resolved by the wife, having exempted them from liability. The girlfriend - reportyorsha belongs to risk group as is registered among those who are capable to take away foreign husband easily.

Everything - " remains dream of each man; true woman . Whoever the man met to whom he did not come to stay for a while and whatever he was an inveterate bachelor, having met such woman, he at once understands - it is She. In such it is possible to fall in love once and for all and to understand that life was successful. Yes, true woman - dream of many men. It is so wise that will manage to neutralize villain never to fall to ninnies . This is the woman - an award which in itself is meaning of life for the man, introduces in it completeness. Husbands leave such women extremely seldom.

We understand that not all women can be true women as if they did not want it. You should not be upset if you did not get to this archetype. Having this knowledge now, it is possible to use them not to appear in a condition of mourning of withdrawal of the husband from a family.

The first that should be done - to be different. Somehow one man told that he feels as though he lives with two different women. This is his wife who gets fat, grows thin. It, in some measure the joke, but about it dreams practically - to live each man if not with two women then, with the wife who is able to be different. Sometimes ninny, sometimes bitch, both impudent, and silent. Perniciously and deadly to be in communication with the husband transparent up to the end.

In confidence I will tell: the man is in contradiction captivity between desire of constancy and desire someone to win. Those who take away foreign husbands well know about it. So why not to use this knowledge to lawful wives?

You seek to keep not only the marriage, but also ability to introduce in these relations what is appreciated by men. And then your husbands, lovely women, will not begin to rush on any, arrived from the outside, the offer to what it tempting would not seem as houses are still whom to win. Be true women, remain them always!