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What teacher is better - strict or kind?

All students are simply sure that kind teachers better in every sense. Among them it is more interestingly explaining and telling material, and on offsets and examinations any problems.

A problem only that rumors that some teacher puts free offsets extend very quickly. And students do not like to learn in vain. Therefore do not learn. Actually and semester of studying of objects not just important vanish, and that which will be used then in the most different tasks.

Strict teachers - they will definitely not give another matter will relax not to one student. The three at one of such it as the firm five on kind to the teacher . One force not just to teach also the nobility, but also to understand, it is not simple to understand others, but also the nobility. And some just suffer from megalomania, and demand that surely there was an abstract of their lectures, and problems were solved only in such a way as they want. In each of these cases there is not a small group of students which does not suffer given teacher . To put it briefly, such teachers prevent to live to students.

But, strangely enough, rumors on what somebody accepts just brutally expatiate also quickly as well as rumors about a freebie. Therefore in most cases students know who as will hold exams in the first month of study. Also prepare for each of them respectively. That is why objects which are conducted by strict teachers are remembered for a long time. I, we will allow still I remember definitions absolutely not necessary to me though passed more than 3 years since I took that examination.

But it is necessary to look also at other party of the relations of teachers with pupils. Those who teach once too now were pupils, and pupils of different types - from zauchek going to all couples to the persistent absentees, only thanks to talent and a remarkable ingenuity managing to hand over session. Practice showed - strict teachers were " earlier; zauchka while kind - shirkers. Therefore also a manner to give lectures at all different - some everyone reads as in the textbook or as was in his lecture - it is the convenient practice checked by time. Honestly, what was clear to students at that time has to be clear and at this time. And some think over each lecture and try that interest in their subject did not die away, and at incidentally come to this lecture

Became interested.

It is easy to guess that on a flight of fancy on the subject how to tell Newton`s formula - it is more interesting than Leibniz at strict zauchek just there will not be enough imagination, so in such business will have to be engaged to more creative persons.

Probably strict and kind teachers supplement each other in a heavy pedagogical field therefore you should not offend anybody, speaking, that one less qualified, and other boring, it is necessary to accept their such as is. Honestly, who else for such salary will begin to work with a crowd of uncontrollable students;).