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What for marvelous birds flew to rusicha? Part 1

In the ancient time was considered that the earth, the sky and waters are inhabited by strange and surprising beings, angry and kind, awful and fine. There were beings, similar to people, were - like snakes, forest creatures or with bodies, whimsically collected of different animals. Our ancestors depended by nature, were defenseless before elements, and each mythical being answered to people for separate part of these elements. People hoped for their protection or tried not to annoy in vain. Among beings were especially brought closer to terrible and far gods: birds to whom both the earth, and water, and the sky are available at the same time. Birds and ptitselyud became intermediaries between people and gods.

A progenitress of all birds and ptitselyudy was Stratim - a bird (or Strefil - a bird). From where it arrived at the sea - the ocean, on the White stone, nobody knows, but her name came from the Greek word strufokamit (ostrich). Stratim - the bird waved a wing - the sea began to worry, shouted - the storm and when flew rose - closed itself this world. At the sea huge shaft rose, the ships went to a bottom, and water washed away all live from coast. The bird embodied the most destructive forces of nature.

Other ancient bird who flied to Slavic lands from Ancient Egypt, - the Phoenix living (or still living?) whether 500 years, whether 12994 years, it was similar to an enormous eagle. Chuya the end, the Phoenix soared up highly into the sky and from the heavenly fire reflected in it is red - gold feathers, set fire to the nest weaved out of fragrant herbs. Having returned back, it burned down together with a nest. And from fragrant fire the new Phoenix revived. It symbolized eternal dying and revival of the nature, and its machismo.

The regal Phoenix had related communications with local to a bird - chelovekam. Was considered that it flew over the sea together with a prophetic bird Gamayun. Perhaps from this union occurred a bird - the werewolf Finist the Clear Falcon walking in an image of the stately good fellow, favourite of fair maidens, who is turning around in a falcon? Finist the Clear Falcon was prompt, sharp-sighted and irresistible for enemies. It was the embodiment of heavenly elements, a bird - a lightning. For the winter he died as the nature dies, or filled up with an iron sleep, and in the spring as he the nature, - was restored to life and love.

Birds of Alkonost, Gamayun and Sirin were especially esteemed. There lived ptitsedeva in paradise - in Iriya, the blossoming garden where the life Tree grew, sources of water of life beat and winged souls of the dead lived. When sang ptitsedeva, both souls and living people forgot about everything on light. Alkonost - a kind bird with a beautiful woman`s face. Her name came from a name of Alkiona, the Greek queen that rushed to the sea, without having waited for darling, and was turned into a halcyon. Alkonost flew to the sea to lay eggs. It immersed them in sea abysses, and so far by the end of the seventh day baby birds did not hatch, at the sea there was a calm. The string of a red beads on her neck promised the woman a happy marriage. And its songs brought a clear sunny weather.

Gamayun had a woman`s face too, she sang divine anthems, shouted, foretelling happiness, and smelled sweet unusually. This bird knew the past and the future of gods and people, animals and birds. She knew everything about creation of the world and announced the future that who wanted to hear. She was a herald of gods, their envoy on the earth and always held in paws a roll with prophecies.

And Sirens was a dark bird of paradise, the envoy of the lord of the underground world. To a belt she was a beautiful woman, from a belt - a bird. She is a relative of Greek women - sirens, spiteful women - the birds who were carrying away seafarers by the divine voices then to tear to pieces them. The one who heard singing Sirin - too was doomed to troubles and death.

There were still Swan Maidens, but they lived not in paradise, and - in the sea, in the rivers and lakes because they were daughters the Ocean - the seas. Being seductive girls, white swans, Maidens were kind to people and gave them happiness and water from heavenly sources. A sweet psaltery - too their gift. Maidens were able to sing, but their singing was heard only by righteous persons. Maidens could operate the nature, having supernatural force.

Those times sank Into oblivion. It is sad that to us, injust realists, it is not allowed to see a marvelous ptitsedeva any more, it is not allowed to hear her strange singing allocating for sorrow and grief. But, can be there - in paradise gardens among souls of ancestors we will manage to hear voices of Alkonost and Gamayun, to enjoy from heavenly sources of water of life and to forget everything that disturbed us here, in such world, not similar to the fairy tale?

To be continued