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The casual fellow traveler, or why we trust strangers?

All of us make distant trips from time to time: in holiday, business trip, for study to other city. Every time near us in way there are absolutely different people. They different professions, different age, different views on life, from different sectors of society etc. All of us, travelers, try to pass away differently, allocated for us by the road, time: who sleeps on the top shelf, with pleasure snuffling; who thoughtfully looks out of the window where the woods, settlements, big and not really railway stations flash; who with a clever look solves crossword puzzles, from time to time asking the capital of some godforsaken country. But there are people who prefer, days and the whole nights, to carry out in conversations about meaning of life, global problems of mankind, the future elections, disorders in a family, culinary recipes, aliens etc. Often such conversations develop into heated arguments not on fear, and on conscience .

Is several surprising parties, at such, acquaintances at once.

In - the first, absolutely strangers trust each other the intimate secrets, thoughts, sometimes share such problems which cannot entrust the best friends and close relatives. At the same time, the more you will tell about yourself, the more will hear about the interlocutor.

In - the second, often people who, at first sight have nothing the general find subjects for conversation. Some invisible common ground of human subconsciousness allows to communicate as equals to the builder and professor, the driver and the engineer, the doctor and the housewife

Communicate more, through communication with other people, we learn ourselves!!!

Surprises also with what passion, with what passion we sometimes rush to dispute with the person which we, perhaps, will nevermore see. At the same time, in a consequence, after arrival home, or next day you ask a question: Why I argued into the account of prospects of development in Ukraine of luge, I in it do not understand absolutely nothing? But was sure so of the correctness that would convince the champion of Ukraine on this sport .

Generally can try to offer some logical explanations, on the subject Effect of the casual fellow traveler .

If to be uttered about sore problems, becomes always easier, and the stranger, most likely will not condemn, can even will help council. By the way it is always simpler to listen to councils from strangers because to them it is possible not to listen and then not to listen to infinite: I spoke to you? .

The fact that different people find a common language can also be explained easily. When you escape from a certain vital circulation, for example, the house ↔ work where often you have limited quantity of subjects for discussion, just there is a wish to distract and relax. to

Of course, it is possible to present some more versions about the reasons, such behavior of people. But in too time it is necessary to consider that human mind is very far from understanding all depths of human consciousness

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