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How to choose points with advantage for health?

At last the spring came! (I mean real, but not its calendar similarity). The grass turns green, birdies sing, the sun shines Stop! The sun - that not only shines - lights - warms, but also strains our eyes. What leads to their fatigue and damage of sight.

What to do? What, from the Stone Age? - or like it you can tell something, - bought sunglasses - and all . He agrees, sunglasses - an exit, but, in - the first, all that glitters is not gold (in sense not everything that is called points, is them in full-fledged sense) and, in - the second, as well as in any question, in the choice of sunglasses it is necessary to look for an optimal variant i.e. that you were guided not by fashion and the price (though them too), and, above all - care about health.

The first - material. Here the choice is not big: plastic or glass. There is no difference by and large. The second option is suitable for people with a poor eyesight and rather wearing usual glasses. They can carry in the summer chameleons or, as speak now, " photochrome; - points with lenses, which are tinted on the sun. But chameleons - these are only points with glass lenses. Points with glass lenses plus and minus four and more have, as a rule, the heavy glasses pressing on a nose bridge where there are a lot of the nervous terminations. (You risk to become a patient not only the ophthalmologist, but also the neuropathologist, to have headaches, irritability and sleeplessness). Besides, under a handle of points also skin diseases on a nose bridge can develop. So to choose to you: good visibility and protection against the sun wearing spectacles - chameleons or tension of yours nasal nervous terminations with all that it implies.

Plastic is always scratched quicker therefore you, most likely, should change points 2 - 3 times a year. Glass more tsarapoustoychivo but anyway points should be stored in a soft case and to put glasses only up.

The second - color. If you chose plastic, then before you there is other question - color of your accessory. As if regrettably for some it sounded, but glasses not of all flowers can be worn. Some colors will not help you to look stylishly and to keep unit in the column sight your medical record, and others - on the contrary. So, what to carry and what is not present?

Red, orange, it is bright - yellow glasses cause nervousness, hypererethism, a sleep disorder.

Soft yellow glasses increase contrast, are suitable only for a soft sunlight.

Blue glasses reduce image sharpness, negatively influence an eye retina.

Pink glasses not only will help to see the world in the best light, but also will strongly distort light scale. Are suitable only for a soft sunlight.

Black lenses are pertinent on bright light (on beaches, in mountain resorts). In other cases at continuous carrying increase intraocular pressure.

Gray color is neutral and does not do harm to your eyes.

In neutrality echoes gray also brown, suitable for daily use.

And, at last, if you need to receive from glasses wearing not only protection against the sun but also to calm nervous system, then green lenses for you. If you look, then and remember about Wizard of the Emerald city and nerves will calm possible memories of the carefree childhood.

Some more thoughts. Do not buy glasses on the street (!) it sideways - is not clear to you from what they and precisely to your eyes they will not add protection. Especially you should not save on children`s health, as if the child complained and did not ask here that, krasnenky . As a last resort, buy it a baseball cap.

Girls! I am not aware from where the fashion undertook to wear the glasses covering a floor - faces, but sometimes before to speak with the person, and hunting to ask: Gyulchatay / Ania / Natasha, Ksenya, Galya show a face .