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Whether happen white hairy crocodiles ?

A few years ago densely fitted into my lexicon expression white hairy crocodile . You will tell, it does not happen? Happens, my dear, happens. And this krokodilchik snatches as real. And I grew up this miracle with the boundless help of parents. However, still I will not understand when and what mistake in his education we made.

Everything began about four years ago. As now I remember a small shaggy white lump which looked at me devoted damp eyes. The father still wanted to throw out it (it was necessary and to make, is more whole remained). We even did not notice how this miracle of the nature matured. And all the same it remained the same white lump at a view of which there is a wish to smile. I still have rushes to snuggle him, to stroke a soft hair, to kiss a pink nose. But these rushes should be suppressed in themselves, otherwise there is a risk to be left without fingers.

But it, by the way, yet not the most terrible. He bites me only when I touch it. And here by the stranger in general it can not be become stronger, from - for what guests in our apartment began to appear less frequently. Well, here present: you come, for example, on birthday, everything is remarkable, the table is laid, you with pleasure begin to say toasts, even without guessing that already became a target.

While you have a good time, for you hunting already began. Having as much as possible nestled on a floor, not making the slightest sound, Punshik (so call our pet) accurately, without concerning badly standing objects, approaches your legs and bites into them. Well, how? It will want to come still? Here - here, after such hunting the brother of my mother was hospitalized. And it was not written out without the certificate that the cat is live from there (it was their mistake: when the veterinarian came to make sure of it, he too nearly suffered).

Respects and does not touch Punch only the father. The beast obsequiously lies at his legs and allows the only man to do in the house with it anything. Than the father with success also uses. He made to the pet a cage in which he freely puts it for the period of stay in the house of strangers.

Now you believe that white hairy crocodiles happen? Also they grow up from ordinary kittens.