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How to put on not as all ? Whether

we Are able to be original? Such to be similar to themselves, but not on thousands of other people who obediently put on in " style; now all this is carried . The clothes are a business card of the person. When we see it for the first time, on clothes there is the first impression. Fortunately, now it is unusual and meets taste of the dressed people much more, than still a two-three of years back that definitely pleases. And for those who consider that they it too expensive for our purses, will try to explain tailoring pluses independently or in studio.

If you at least care a little for how on you this or that thing and what quality it will be will sit, then to explain why you should not go behind clothes to the market, I think, not necessarily. You also have to understand what there quality and what conditions for fitting. And if to choose the line of least resistance and to buy clothes not in the market, and in shops, then the original qualitative clothes will really cost much enough to the person with average earnings. Also speaks simply - shops practically sell everything more expensively because of, at least, bigger sum of rent and if to take exclusive things in attention, then their cost can be equated to a two-three of average salaries on the city.

So if all of you - decided to be allocated from the general gray weight if not with originality of a thing then how she on you sits, then to you a direct road to the forgotten sewing machine or in studio. Second option, of course, much more expensively. But if to you quality is important, and you feel that you did not reach that level of tailoring yet, then it is better to trust in the professional, otherwise just risk to spoil fabric. However, seamstresses who work at home have also a possibility of the order of clothes. Most often the cost of their services 10 times less tailoring cost in studio. By the way, what would not be told there, they perform work quite qualitatively. The main thing - whenever possible to go to checked also it is desirable for seamstress to represent accurately that you want. All people different, and concepts of originality and beauty too at all different. So it is better to think over in advance well design of future product and it is correct to choose fabric as landing of a product on a figure directly depends on quality of fabric.

And if all of you - aspire to the minimum expenses, then take scissors, fabric in hand, sit down at the machine and create! In this case the cost of the thing sewed by you precisely will be minimum in comparison with that how many for it it would be spent if to buy in shop or to sew to order. But here already both quality, and a type of those clothes which will leave from under your hands will depend only on you. And it means that if you try, then irresistibility is provided to you. The person always with special pride and pleasure carries what is created by his hands!