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Alcoholism with a baby face. Exaggeration or reality?

of Feature of mentality of Slavs are known to all, and it is possible to imprison them in one phrase famous to everyone young and old - Without glass there is no vocal . And all nothing if this principle and remained privilege adult part of the population. Somehow habitually already to observe irresponsible persons of people. And here to the fact that these persons look younger and look younger, to get used and it is strange, both there is no wish, and it is not necessary. By results of poll of the studying youth, the first acquaintance to beer happens in 12 - 13 years. And nearly 3% of young men and 1% of girls can already be carried to dependent on alcohol as they drink daily.

But, analyzing tendencies of development of this situation, with regret you come to a conclusion that it is heavy to correct it very much even. First of all because, that it depends on too numerous factors, and not just on that how many it will be told the teenager about harm of alcoholism. Now what in public consciousness is considered to be as addictions in the environment of the studying youth is perceived as the behavioural standard. And though information on inadmissibility of such behavior more than has enough, it is necessary to understand and realize that it is necessary to regulate this situation from several positions.

Well, from the youth it, in principle, is clear. Besides that huge part of the advertizing observed by us it is absolute in all mass media - it is advertizing of alcoholic beverages, to such situation conducts also insufficiency of youth institutions of various type which would become alternative cultural to rest with a small bottle of beer or low alcohol drink in cafe - bars or just on the street. Try to tell at least at two of these factors to the teenager that there are also other ways of rest

the situation is Worse from parents whose most part not only will not forbid the teenager to take low alcohol drinks, but also will offer during the holiday a liqueur glass of wine or something similar. The same poll showed that the domestic wine uses on average about 45% of children at the age of 13 - 15 years and more than 50% 16 - 17 - summer. The frequent reason of such acts - the formulation low alcohol " drink;. It the same as to call cigarettes lungs while the harm done by them to an organism does not decrease.

Plus the fact that alcoholic beverages are available to all and everyone. Any dithat, come to shop with money, can buy a bottle of beer or other low alcohol drink. And bans do not work, both laws, and concept of that, how immorally to support such tendency. For it penalties it is more that there was any more no desire to earn from others grief, and real control of that as to whom sell our kind aunts - sellers.

Only on these indicators it is possible to understand that work needs to be conducted also in other directions. In particular, it is necessary to give as much more explanations to parents of teenagers about what consequences can be at encouragement of the use even of weak alcohol, and how easily it can lead to dependence emergence. Conducting work with teenagers, it is necessary to offer really interesting alternative options of pastime, but not just descriptions of frightening consequences. And everything is good - to take care about health of the nation, but not of the capitals and to forbid, at last, alcohol advertizing. In a word, it is time to begin specific actions!