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Husband or shower? Or several ways of female masturbation.

each normal person is familiar With masturbation. And not necessarily lonely. Because sex by sex, and masturbation - she on. It is small pleasure for which nothing should be paid. Participate in it only you and your own body. She does not demand efforts to search of the partner, energy for communication with it, helps to remove stress and fatigue. And, above all, masturbation - it is safe and for certain. But today we will talk about sex to humour. This article is taken from the " magazine; It is cosmopolitan for June, 1998. So to

As well as in traditional sex, in masturbation sometimes there is a wish for a variety. And if men in this sense have a small set, then women do not miss an opportunity to show creative abilities. Inflamed with desire, they satisfy themselves with such objects of which never you will think that they can serve this purpose. When I touched upon this subject among girlfriends, was simply struck with force of an invention of some of them. Before I considered that cucumbers are only in jokes (here such I naive). In any case cucumbers!.

I, of course, cannot consider these girls as mean perverts. Gave that masturbation for the woman - something bigger, than the act of self-satisfaction. It is not similar on man`s quietly with myself I conduct conversation . There is in female masturbation some sincere passion. And the subject is more original, the passion is higher.

Objects as I already told, happen the most different. And in this regard masturbation can be divided into several types conditionally.

MASTURBATION WATER-PRESSURE. One of the most widespread types. Its realization requires correctly established shower. That is it has to be not static, as in the American standard, and removable. Also it is desirable with the removed spray. At the same time force of a pressure of hot water is of great importance - quality and duration of an orgasm depends on it. Water-pressure masturbation is good the fact that it is possible to be engaged in it when in the house fully to the people (in case of children`s vacation or seasonal attack of relatives from Severodvinsk, for example). And having left a bathtub with a languid look, surrounding it is possible to throw: Oh, from hot water always carries me...

MASTURBATION HYGIENIC. It is connected with water procedures too, but only medical. For this purpose larger syringe is filled with weak solution of a camomile or just boiled water. Everything becomes according to the same scheme, as usual syringing. With only that difference that now this process becomes more intelligent, and its speed depends on personal temperament of syringed. Here it is important not to be overzealous - procedure demands accuracy.

MASTURBATION WITH VIBRATION. can participate In it: phalli from sex - a shop, a tooth electrobrush, vibrating massagers and as it is strange, an acoustic column from a stereosystem with the good low-frequency loudspeaker. In the first three cases everything is clear: pressed a button - and went. With a column, of course, it is more difficult. In - the first the loudspeaker should be placed so that the sound precisely got to places, the most sensitive for vibration. for this purpose a column it is better to saddle. In - the second, it is necessary to pick up high-quality records. They have to be dynamic, with strong percussions and not getting off rhythm. Kiss, Metallika, AC/DC quite are suitable for these purposes. The sound at the same time gets the idea to the full extent.

MASTURBATION ORGANIC. masturbation with organic chemistry means: with cucumbers, carrot, bananas (eggplants I do not recommend). People skilled say that it is better to use at the same time a condom - to be protected... from bacteria, of course.

MASTURBATION PERFUMERY. In this context roll-on deodorants gain one more valuable property. Not only that they do not destroy an ozone layer, so they still can use in the known purposes. For a penetration bottles of a streamline shape (naturally, it is necessary to put on a condom them that on the way of nothing to lose and not to pour) are good, and for external application the form does not matter. The main thing that the ball was on the place, and the deodorant already ended - greasings such can do harm.

MASTURBATION TOY . In sense with toys. In this look domestic plastic hares, doggies and burros enjoy special popularity. A special high, if they in pimples. Well, you represent, such red plastic hare, all in unclear pimples - whether skin at him such, whether a color. It is good if at this animal ears, a tail or he small and streamline are strongly extended. Also inflatable Disney`s heroes have success: dalmatians, ducklings. And one girlfriend told me a touching story how in early youth it adapted for this occupation of Mickey Mouse. It was rag, but with a plastic muzzle. And so she also chose his plastic nose.

Serious toys, that is various dildos from sex - shops, are popular too, but it is less.

MASTURBATION EXOTIC. those who adore exotic are inclined To it and originally thinks. The look is this not mass. And I, frankly speaking, do not know whether somebody can compete with two of my friends here. For example, one of them very much loves when it is given branches of wild orchids. Joy to it is given not only by flowers, but also test tubes with special solution in which orchids are longer stored. Test tubes these plastic, fallichesky form... She says that masturbation with an orchid - it is very romantic. And other girlfriend has sometimes a good time with a lamp - a minion (which is similar to a candle flame). The fact that the lamp at the same time can break absolutely does not confuse it, and, on the contrary, excites even more. Here so - that!.

MASTURBATION MANUAL . The most primitive type of masturbation. And the most widespread. It requires nothing, except dexterous and tireless hands of the woman.

As a rule, masturbation occurs to the accompaniment of television groans of pornstars, measured man`s snore or own imaginations. Of course, no living man all things can and to write about everything that can participate in this process.

the world Surrounding us is rich, and our imagination is even richer. As for personally me, I am a hopeless conservative and I will not exchange for anything souls and a middle finger of the right hand. And as for the dilemma mentioned in heading, I hope that, on whatever heights of sensuality you were brought by masturbation, you will never refuse usual sex. In - the first, it is two pleasures which can be alternated. And secondly, no shower will replace the warm human word.