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How to the student or the graduate to look for work?

the Subject of job search become more actual by summer when study comes to an end. Means, it is time to begin to move towards financial wellbeing and the social importance - to the employer.

First until you switched off the computer yet, visit such websites as www. job. ru, www. joblist. ru, www. rabota. ru, also look through announcements of employers, you can even leave the summary there. Do not ask me what to write - you know about yourself more good, than I. You can esteem strangers and better write. Made? We continue. Do not think that now it is possible to lay down on a sofa and to quietly wait for a call. It is necessary to run about fairly, otherwise all most interesting will be snatched away by less lazy and prompter individuals. Run to a newsstand and buy up all newspapers in which name the word " occurs; work .

The preparatory stage is successfully passed, it is time to pass to active actions. For a start be defined for what material benefits you wait from life and to what victims you are ready to go for the sake of it.

The simplest option for conquest - to go the loader to the Chinese market, to distribute handbills at the subway or, having dressed up a pager, to scare away the peep children of preschool age. It is necessary to work much, but the summer will pass quickly. Selection for such work is usually formal, the employer will not demand from you any personal qualities and professional skills.

The following step - work of the manager in trading company. To get here, you should tinker more and even a little to work over yourself. Usually do not wait for any specialized qualities from the manager. If you are able to speak convincingly and do not make repellent impression - this work for you. Before you go for interview, learn, than the office trades. Read about these goods something on the Internet, learn couple of specific terms. Convince the future administration that activity of their office is madly interesting to you. Tell about how you love refrigerators for seafood and refrigerators for ice cream. The you will prove to be more furious fan, the it is more at you than chances.

If you are ready really seriously - settle in the specialty. Here you should prove the professionalism in a certain area. The main thing - not to be afraid. Once again see those vacancies which you passed from - for too high requirements. The matter is that the employer, making the announcement, writes everything here what heard itself about, saw at others and thought up on the place. Well, describes the ideal. He should choose all the same from those who came to interview. That is, same living people, as well as you. Forward!

Now you need to prove the professional suitability. If you already have a diploma of higher education institution, put it in a pocket. Further ready works are necessary. If you love programming, design or writing articles - bear everything that you made. You have no professional works yet? Show what you did just for fun and from boredom. Also various diplomas, thanks, certificates and certificates on the termination of various courses will be useful. Each of these pieces of paper of special benefit will not bring to you, but when you lay out them everything a heap, it will give you a considerable bonus.

The most difficult, but the most perspective way - to get a job in the company with a big financial turn. These are the organizations playing in the financial markets, banks, insurance and investment companies, large producers of industrial goods, products of high technologies and the software, the enterprise of oil and gas branch. You will not find vacancies of these companies in the Internet or newspapers. It is necessary to vyzvanivat coordinates of their human resources departments, showing persistence and an ingenuity. Here strict rules work. It is necessary to go to work exactly to eight, without delay, and the working day will often pass for eight - ten hours. It is necessary to love the corporation, in everything to adhere to corporate style and to be guided only by its interests. Be ready that you will be appointed the big chief or the area manager not at once. At first you will be given the smallest position in the most backward department, and maybe the courier it is necessary to run about. The main thing - to take root, and there already prove the prospects and usefulness the affairs.

Now you read everything, acquired, solved and know what you need to do. Remember! Be not afraid of people, do not give in to difficulties and do not despair. It is unlikely the first interview will bring you a lucrative job, but it will bring you useful experience. So begin with some uninviting offices. In few weeks you will get experience and confidence that it not you is taken or do not take, and you choose the place which suits you more.

Good luck, and yes will be with you Sil!