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Why marriages consist, or to Marry not to attack?

All girls dream to marry (well, almost everything). The purposes at all different, but the desire to put a stamp in the passport is ineradicable. Dream about big and light but surely some well-wisher will remind: The good thing - marriage will not call!

Ordinary marriages subdivide into two categories: on love and by calculation. Having looked back to the girlfriends and relatives - distant acquaintances, I counted the whole dozen.

On the first place, of course, calculation . Whether you had to observe the long-legged supermodel (Monroe, Lopez, Thurman, Kidman rolled into one ) together with the goblin from Lord of the Rings ? The show is indescribable. Both it is proud smile, but not each other, and to people around. Someone from crowd will tell secret happy couple : goblins the father - the cone in the government, at young the apartment in the center, an izba on Rublyovka, accounts in all banks of the world etc. There is a lot of options. And live - long, happily, so far it not to be ruined or she will not grow old.

What is fictitious marriage , already nobody should explain. Peculiar contract between him and her. Ivan Tikhonovich Zakidalkin called further Husband with the ode of the party, and Pelageya Grigoryevna Zagorulko called further Wife on the other hand, agreed as follows However, having received a desired Moscow registration for a round sum, it is possible to lose a dream and appetite for fear that darling(s) (presents) learn about your unfreedom. Or the newly made spouse will declare your conjugal duty. But there are also happy exceptions, Sofya Kovalevskaya, for example.

The time " Came; or already passed. Similar thoughts visit also eighteen-year-old young ladies, but is more often - middle-aged ladies. Any more not the girl, took place as the personality, here and the suitable candidate why and is not present? Time .

Revenge . He and she are unseparable, everything goes to a logical conclusion, but suddenly Unsuccessful joke or slanders and conjectures of ill-wishers and here: Take away the toys and do not touch my pot . And then I marry your girlfriend . And I will marry Pavlik, he beats about the bush " long ago;. It is good if there is a kind person, and will reconcile unreasonable. And if is not present?! Will connect destiny to strangers in every respect people - four ruined lives.

It is black - white . What you will tell, chocolate skin color and an eye, the burning temperament advertized by movies and clips attracts many, especially blondes. It is black - the white combination is fashionable not only in an interior. As a result - a wedding, the birth of a swarty miracle with cheerful ringlets. Suddenly the husband should come back home - he, it appears, the crown prince Zinbab 34, and are expensive to it native Ryazan open spaces and a heat it does not transfer, then the child to education to the village, and on searches of new adventures.

Office need . The etiquette demands that the diplomats and military leaving in long business trips abroad were married. Work at them such. And it is necessary to issue everything urgently and quickly, the prospect obliges. But haste enrages: Where romanticism, feelings? one hasty need.

Vital need , in other words it is filled in . And here if got honest, then marries. If clever - you are run, get out, as you wish. But you do not know, what is better. Celebrated a wedding, the child was born, and began: hysterics from - for jealousy, sobbing about the ruined youth, a claim to a shabby dressing gown. And all this in the face of the child.

On a bet . Once in the good friendly company argued: whether it is possible to marry in one day. Passions warmed up strong drinks, chose spouses on a lot, were loaded into the car and went to the next REGISTRY OFFICE. Got married. In a month divorced. Silly everything turned out.

Habit . The guy several years meet the girl. The special passion is not observed, but, it seems, everything arranges. She knows him in-and-out and he is her. Also relatives - friends tortured questions: Well, when? Young people Reflect and somebody says: But whether not to undersign to us? But the wedding is flash of feelings, flight of soul. And what weeds when you know that he will better spend week in the train, than half an hour on the plane. And itself, in general you prefer the bicycle. But pluses are: let obrydl to nose birthmark, but without surprises.

Coercion . Occurs usually so: relatives close and distant press on the beloved child from all directions: It is necessary, the darling, it is necessary. He is a person independent, provided, in every respect positive . As a rule, it happens to very young girls, but speak, sometimes force also adult uncles. Exit one: It is necessary to you, you also marry!

Purchase and sale . Tell: What for old regime horror films?! An, no. And now happens. Passable on the quiet small street, the dad will notice young charming, but poor creation. Why to get acquainted, trouble itself courtings? Found out about everything about a family, was to the mother: You to me the daughter, and I to you will attach monthly contents, and the youngest son . You think, will receive from gate - turn ? More likely, on the contrary. And it is a pity for the girl.

Love . Fine feeling. But who saw it in pure form? In each barrel a tar spoon: a habit, the child in three months after a wedding. And maybe, my granny who spoke is right: The Love is only stronger if in it calculation ?