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How to choose a tariff plan and to save money?

Are already difficult to meet the person who has no mobile phone or does not wish to get it. It is natural that there is a wish to pay for communication services at the same time as little as possible. Today it will be a question of how to combine pleasure of communication and good mood of your purse.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone does not work in itself - as well as ordinary phone, to it needs support in a type of telephone exchange. But if for wire phone everything is simple - each area is served by one telephone exchange and payment for the present to all is identical, then in any more - less large city is available several systems of cellular communication in eager rivalry inviting potential clients.

So, everything begins with the choice of mobile operator - that company to which you will pay money and which will undertake cares of your talk. If in the place of your dislocation only one operator works, then consider that you got rid of torments of this choice. Otherwise, interrogate the acquaintances, take an interest in their opinion on a communication quality of various operators. Keep in mind that opinion about the the operator always more - less objectively, and strangers abuse most often without adducing any proof. Having made a preliminary choice, invite familiar with phone connected to this operator to yourself home, drink beer, and at the same time estimate a communication quality. The same needs to be made in places of the most probable dwelling - at work, in educational institution, in a favourite cafe. Thus, it is necessary to be convinced that the operator was not mistaken with a zone of service and it suits you.

Do not forget to learn to what operators most of your potential interlocutors is connected. For example, within a family or working collective it is more expedient to have phones from one operator. Calls on the phones are usually cheaper.

The following stage - the choice like number. Direct city or federal - through eight and code? Direct number is, as a rule, slightly more expensive, but is more convenient. On federal number it is often impossible to call from the street payphone or from phones of the enterprises and the organizations where an exit through eight it is usually blocked. But it is more convenient to call on federal number from other cities, it is not necessary to remember a city code. In general, it is better to choose direct city number if phone is the working tool on which success of business communication depends. Federal also will be suitable for negotiations with friends.

And here the most interesting begins now. Each mobile operator in a pursuit of the client offers tens of various tariff plans which terms considerably differ. Tariffs can be with constant or per second tariffing, with a monthly fee or without it, with identical payment of calls on cellular and city or with various, with the identical price of minute at any time or with discounts in evening and night time, additional services like AONA, voice mail, readdressings can be included in the main package or separately be paid. As all - to choose a favorable tariff?

At the first stage it is necessary to exclude those which well do not suit you in any way from all variety of tariffs. You do not like a license fee in $100 for a bezlimitka? Down with this tariff. You extremely need roaming, and it is not here? And we delete this from the list. And so on. But in the end all the same it will turn out that in the list there were five - six tariffs which seem suitable.

Now the turn of the second stage which begins with collecting statistical information came. You remember expression The Statistics knows everything ? Here we will also ask this knowing substance. For a start this statistics should be caught. For this purpose it is necessary to address the operator and to ask listing of calls on paper or in electronic form that much better. Sometimes it costs money, but believe, they will return to you. If you are connected for the first time, ask to take listing of the acquaintance from similarly life. How to persuade to make it it? Persistence and beer work wonders. And if it is serious, then we need only information on quantity and time of talk, so the chtovsa can remove confidential phone numbers previously. It is better to have statistics on several months, then average sizes will be more objective.

After that attentively get acquainted with conditions of the remained tariffs, be convinced that all read written by a small print and well it was understood. Sometimes notes cardinally change sense of the main text. And especially conditions of real tariffs do not correspond to advertizing in which the lowest price from all provided is usually specified. For example, the price of calls on " can be accented; favourite numbers at night.

Considering variety of tariffs, it is almost impossible to give exact algorithm of the choice of a tariff therefore we will try to consider concrete situations. Now all entering calls are free therefore everything told below means the accounting only of the proceeding talk.

1. A tariff with a monthly fee or without it? The price of minute of conversation on a tariff with a monthly fee is usually a little lower. For the reasonable choice divide a monthly fee into a difference in the price of minute of conversation on different tariffs, receive critical time for which ravnovygodna tariffs. If the general time of talk in a month is less than critical, we choose a tariff without license fee.

2. Per second or constant tariffing? Constant usually a little the cheapest way. For this choice it is necessary to count the average time of conversation, that is to divide the general time for quantity of calls. The fractional part by 50 - 55 seconds is closer, the tariff with constant tariffing is more favorable. That is, are acceptable values 55 seconds, 1 minute 50 seconds, 2 minutes 53 seconds and so on. Where side? Increase the price of the 60th seconds, subtract the price of minute at constant tariffing and divide into the price of second - receive a deviation at which ravnovygodna tariffs. By the way, it is worth bothering, only if this size makes at least 10 seconds, otherwise take per second tariffing.

I expect objections apropos average temperature on " hospital;. On it there is the second size which is called a mean square deviation (SKO). Without pressing in a jungle of mathematical statistics, I will tell that it is possible to count it so. From time of each conversation it is deductible the average time of conversation, we square this size. Then we summarize all these squares, we divide into quantity of calls and we take a square root. It is also SKO. For validity of use of average time of conversation, SKO has to be as little as possible, no more than 10 - 15% of value of average time, otherwise it will be valid average temperature on " hospital;. Did not get confused? If got confused, read once again, the spent time with interest will pay off future economy.

3. A tariff with stable price of minute or changed depending on time of day, with identical payment of calls on cellular and city or from various? Here everything is simple, look on listing when and to whom you talk more and choose in compliance.

4. With roaming or without it? Now practically all tariffs have a possibility of inclusion of roaming therefore this criterion is not essential. The only remark - some operators for inclusion of roaming on the account have to have a certain sum. Sometimes this sum is quite big therefore specify it in advance. And of course, take an interest on the websites of various operators in cover zones. It is quite possible what is there where you are going to go, at someone from them for you it will appear house network. Then all calls there will also be rated as local from there, here already the choice is obvious.

By the way, concerning roaming and holiday. Having arrived to the vacation spot, take an interest whether it will be to be connected to the local operator not cheaper. If you have a rest group and communicate among themselves, it can save the notable sum. Besides holiday cellular number gives two more advantages. The first - to you annoying colleagues will not be able to phone urgently to resolve some issue on work. The second - will not need to be explained houses to the wife what is done in the telephone directory by some Masha? if you forget to cover up tracks. It is natural that it is necessary to keep all numbers of holiday romances in memory of SIM - the card, then they will remain where you will say goodbye to this card. And then Masha will definitely not call the most unsuccessful moment.

And the last. Having made a choice, do not remain on one tariff all life. Entering new favorable tariff plans for involvement of new clients, mobile network operators often do not change parameters of old tariffs. At the same time after a while it can turn out that you just on a habit overpay for talk, from you charge a monthly fee moreover and it is necessary to pay for AON. Therefore it is desirable to repeat procedure of the choice of a tariff plan at least once a year.

It is also useful to watch advertizing campaigns of various operators and in due time to take their advantages if you are not frightened, of course, by change of number. Though there are already talks about a possibility of change of the operator without change of number. As they say, you monitor advertizing.

Long to you communication!