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You love animals? Then this history for you. I can claim

With full confidence that one tomcat, possessing bright red appearance, a fluffy tail and charm managed to become a star of all our entrance.

As often it was possible to observe such picture - neighbors gathered in a circle and the impression is from outside made that they discuss something, actually this meeting is rather reminded by the cat`s fan - club which idol is the red sluggard who collapsed in the center very clearly indulgently showing: Here, look what I - beautiful and irresistible! .

Still he is an unpredictable traveler, he can quite often be met driving about in the elevator yes in it, and never know on what floor will face it! Always it seemed to me that animals are afraid of the closed spaces rather, than seek to be in them, but this cat probably does not shun to use inventions of the person for own cat`s needs! No, I not in the sense that it goes to the elevator on need, you misunderstood me - he on it visits

So, for example, having caught for someone at the elevator, the cat together with this person goes to the floor necessary to it. There, if the person appeared to reject in a state it the charmer (the rare rascal) and not to let to himself in the apartment on some cutlet or a piece of a sausage, then he goes with a wide smile further on neighbors, applying the cat`s cunnings

Usually, in days, bad for it, to compensate the cancelled cat`s life and to muffle a sadness, he can be met, sitting with a master`s look, on a roof of the neighbour`s jeep. Yes, the real man is consoled by this four-wheel vehicle, gives it the chance to feel the solidity and the importance. There is such impression, approach you this cat at present, and he will show all the moustaches, paws and tail on this car!

Probably after proud vossedaniye on the jeep, in the man full awareness of the importance of the I wakes up, and the cat gets over to himself on a balcony - from there it is possible to porychat on dogs and to show them that if it to them would pour not this jeep which took away so many forces and time

I do not know such cat who would be anxious the with image as this. He considers a respectable debt to meet each nice neigbour, to flash the advantage ... yes... now it what you thought of and to see her to a street door, politely passing forward! Well who will resist such impressive handsome? All start ironing it at once, to lisp and put something tasty At the same time, I guarantee, you will feel the Queen and the only person, worthy its attention at all entrance!

Also this red robber was noticed by me behind one ooochen indecent occupation Well, I do not know that here you thought only all the same did not guess! This ladies` man, using the natural beauty and improbable impudence, made eyes (to whom you would think?) - to the shop assistant of a stall Our Ryaba ! Faithfully and with love he monitored its movements, behind how it displays titbits of a chicken as wipes a counter and hoped for reciprocity But far from it, probably heart of the clumsy shop assistant underwent a freezing together with chicken fillet, and our heartbreaker was not awarded even her attention.

You he thinks gave up? As if not so I with admiration stood aside and observed how he, having used minute of absent-mindedness of the shop assistant, dragged eggs directly at it from under a nose! Yes it was the revenge from capital letter do not know that it with these eggs did then - it was already necessary to leave, he can them broke and ate (if cats in general eat it), and can do it was just cat`s act of punishment!

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