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That for a jacket - leather biker jacket ?

to Each of us were probably necessary to hear the word leather biker jacket who or speaks nothing to the listener, or directs thoughts of bikers and fate - N - a beater. So all - it it?

For a moment we will be transferred to far times an americana - the Korean war (1950 - 1953). Aircraft construction then was not top-level, planes terribly were blown at a speed therefore pilots needed to put on suitably. Then - that there was also a leather jacket of a special formation which is called just a leather biker jacket today (Rocker jacket, English) . It was allocated among other thick skin lined, the made narrower waist, the arranged dimension, a leather fold on a back for freedom of the movement. From where such strange name? Actually all is simple - it is clasped not from below up as we got used, and from the left hip to the right shoulder (such lightning indicated similarity to a military uniform of times of Civil war).

As soon as war terminated, the great number of gallant young pilots left from voyenno - air forces, replaced steel birds on horses .

The former pilots bought to themselves motorcycles, were especially appreciated unusually popular then Harleys (an embodiment of the man`s steepness), also joined already ranks of the American bikers. The militaristic type of a jacket, its man`s style, abrupt leather style, convenience and a neproduvayemost and all this strengthened by shape of the courageous soldier - the veteran of war, made a leather biker jacket not just a jacket, and a symbol of bikers of the whole world. Over time the look and style of a leather biker jacket exchanged a little - on it began to mold all buttons, shoulder straps, thorns, chains and other metal trinkets for ornament.

On the motorcycle world distribution of a leather biker jacket did not stop - further all was thrown on music world. And all nothing and the first began to put on in skin not who other as the king fate - N - a beater Elvis Presley . And thousands of admirers adopted fashion of the idol, now the leather biker jacket became a fetish not only bikers, but also a symbol fate - music. Farther it is more...

Extravagant musicians of Kiss group and the first punks of Ramones dressed leather biker jackets (the British Sex Pistols nearby lagged behind the American colleagues on a genre ), relay was picked up by monsters of a genre of Heavy - metal - of Metallica, Antrax, Megadeath, Accept . At last, leather biker jackets were fixed in genres of Grange ( of Soundgarden, In Chains ) and of New wave ( of Depeche Mode ), a bit later musicians of a genre of Gothic paid attention to leather biker jackets . It was a clear victory on the musical arena.

Now the leather biker jacket most of all is quoted at nonconformists (rockers, bikers, metalworkers, punks), on any fate - a concert the crowd dazzles from abundance of leather jackets. But different subcultures look at everything differently, punks love that on a leather biker jacket there was as much as possible everything, without excluding bright patches, stripes, drawings, and, for example, metalworkers often stitch edges of a jacket metal klepka, but make thrifty use of clothes enough. Now in society hooligan motives of the first rockers are already not so strong, the leather biker jacket is carried also by people who want to put on stylishly and beautifully.

In the market it is possible to find jackets of various breed: the neutral leather jackets (for representative people) which are brought closer to the old military version or adapted to driving the motorcycle; female, man`s and even nurseries. A wide choice of fine details - various lacings, belts, a leather fringe, a type of pockets, a form of locks and lightnings is provided to the buyer. The most popular color black, but it is easy to find a leather biker jacket of any coloring - from brown to green or even multi-color.

the Leather biker jacket differs in durability, convenience, warmth, a set of spacious pockets. It is ideal option in cold nights when it is necessary to spend the night outdoors. In combination with a leather biker jacket other biker attributes (leather trousers, a bandana) perfectly look, are acceptable ordinary jeans or a camouflage. From footwear perfectly will approach berets or Cossacks under it it is possible to put on freely a t-shirt, without being afraid to freeze, or the Tolstoyan (a loose overall, a sweater).

Today the leather biker jacket is not just a jacket, it is special lifestyle in which the eternal spirit of freedom and force lives, it is the choice of millions of people preferring not format lifestyle, fight against a framework and the ordinary. Even the one who on life differs in shy character in a leather biker jacket will feel more surely, knowing that it carries on itself(himself) a symbolical thing, similar to a small banner. Perhaps, no other clothes so were built in a cult as this simple jacket of the American pilots of times 50 - x years.