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How to bring up... cat?

Having read the name of article, many will be surprised: Well what it to bring up? Well, to feed, give to drink, look after, to the veterinarian, eventually, to drive. But to bring up? What for? . I answer: to get in the person (to a muzzle?) cats of the true friend, but not a pet.

Education of a cat are not the " method; carrot and stick . Education is meant as gradual instilling in an animal of some qualities. Process is long, and it is better to begin it directly from the moment of emergence in the house of a kitten.

For a start look narrowly at an animal. It, as well as at the person, has the temperament and character and to break off them - means to go against the nature and to cripple to a cat mentality. For example, if active kitten, the big fan to run on any horizontal plane and to climb on vertical, all the time to constrain or to shout annoyancely at it: Well you got already! You rush everything, you rush! such pussycat will grow up in a neurotic, biting, evil animal over time. It does not mean that it is necessary to allow the robber having a tail to destroy everything on the way. To avoid figured holes on tulle and splinters on all house, try to spend with a cat much time and buy her several rattling toy mice. She will be to you very much, is very grateful, but remember - any toys, lodges and kogtetochka will not replace with her communication with the living person.

As you should not constrain violent temperament of cats - fidgets, and you should not bother the idle quiet, pacified cat - the barin. It is not necessary to force it to run with you on the house or it is vain to try to carry away it clockwork mice and birdies. It is remembered, my cat at the sight of such mechanical delicacy always hid under a bed and was afraid to leave, was not convinced yet that the mouse - a mutant here will not appear any more. Such animal communication is very important too. They appreciate a joint sit-round gathering in front of the TV and a slow pochesyvaniye behind an ear. It is cats - homebodies, fans to eat and have a sleep much.

How to make of the friend`s cat? In - the first, get rid of opinion that the cat has to keep at a distance . Often you to friends specify their place, huh? But also to grow insolent four-footed do not allow. Rip in the bud any feeble efforts of a cat to damage of your property (i.e., remove from the curtains which temporarily turned into a swing do not give to a sharp-clawed paw to decorate Your wall-paper, also block access to the shelf with porcelain). The cat - very fairly clever being and after you several times prevent it to break your favourite vase, usually understands that to break vases it is good not to eat. If, of course, it does it not of aspiration to play a dirty trick - here it is necessary to reflect why. The main thing, never beat a cat! Having a tail it is not inclined to connect the torn apart wall-paper and the scolding which followed for it. From here - embitternment, bitchiness and hostility to the owner.

In - the second, you treat a cat as to the full member of a family and the friend. If your pet approaches you and begins to mew, try to understand that it is necessary to him. Perhaps water reached a limit? The tray was overflowed? The paunch hurts? Or just the lack of communication, and a canine friend misses? The animal always sees when you show consideration for his cat`s problems, and becomes attached to you. Cats very much appreciate caress and attention (that even entered proverbs), and sometimes show to us touching tenderness.

A separate case - cat`s whims. If the pet persistently demands a berth on your pillow or turns under legs in a dinner preparation time, without giving pass, it is necessary to disaccustom him to it. In the first case try to close a door in a bedroom for the night and do not react to requirements to open it. You sleep in earplugs, but do not give in - otherwise not you, and the become impudent animal will be an owner in the house any more. In the second case too the main thing not to indulge and not to dump titbits from a table - once having received a tip, the cat once and for all will acquire that rather loudly and long to shout to receive an unplanned dinner.

Again I will repeat: it is necessary to bring up a cat throughout all her cat`s life. And sooner or later your efforts will yield results. The main thing - to seek to understand an animal, to fall in love with it, and then it will answer you with the same. I hope, you will find a common language with your moustached - striped, and they will become for you someone big, than just pets.