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What good is in cookery?

you remember school manual training? Boys mastered joiner`s tools, crookedly knocked together nesting boxes and made pointers, and sometimes allowed us to machines. The most inquisitive and restless managed to break cutters. For it about them pointers broke, thereby closing a circle.

Girls It seems, they had sewing machines, cutting, sewing, knitting. It is quite possible that they without fail attended courses of the prolonged shaking by phone, slow collecting and clothing, high-speed and unreasonable wasting of money.

It was much more interesting when the female part of a class mastered culinary cunnings. Infrequently, but dropped out to us, to schoolmates happiness to carry out the act of acceptance of a ready dish.

I do not want to tell that unconditionally would exchange a plane for a pan.

The cookery is a science, let in places and approximate. As well as any field of knowledge, it does not exist in itself, and finds continuation in other spheres. Close interrelations are formed with physics, chemistry and history. As! - you will exclaim. Correctly, there is still a cultural science (natives estimated a surname of Cook), psychology (Siegmund Freud calmly eats banana), literature (the man cooks general soup in a palm, Demyan reads it aloud the recipe of fish soup) and so on.

Ethnic cuisine - fine approach to acquaintance to the country. Rasstegai, paste, a duck on - Beijing, onions soup, zrazas, beshbarmak. The relation to food is very indicative in respect of cultural development of the nation. For this reason it is difficult to Americans to remember a national dish - they borrowed a turkey and pizza, and to be proud of a hamburger would be silly

the Incalculable quantity of stories and baizes will allow to feel a difference between dry science and cookery which is so close to life. Serving potatoes on a table, it is possible to tell a story of its emergence in Russia, about opposition of Peter I and conservatives. Cutting tomatoes for salad, to make laugh a case with George Washington who was going to be poisoned seriously with tomatoes.

Though is not present, about poisoning do not tell better. Tell simply that in Russia tomatoes were long called mad " berries;. Or you tell nothing, knock of a knife on a board and aromas will cope.

To cut Krasnoboky fruits on equal segments. To cut a long fresh cucumber - lengthways a cross - crosswise, and then across. To crumble small greens and to scatter shchepotyyu. All this is salted, pours down golden sunflower oil, mixes up. Everything exhales truly spring smell! All this also becomes to feed, indulge the family.

Yes, the cookery is very close to life. The algebra, astronomy and an other astrolabe combined cannot be compared by quantity of the saved lives. The most valuable moment - when rises a cover when the first spoon when on a face of the taster misunderstanding and an anticipation are written is scooped.

And for the sake of it rise to a dawn or find minutes, again contact the disobedient test or get notebooks with treasured crown recipes, improve skills and master something brand new. That the smile that next time asked " again blossomed; something tasty .

And by the way, it is a good opportunity to immortalize the name! Fourier`s ranks, Coriolis`s strength, Galley`s comet, Russian salad. Let the recipe of salad changed to unrecognizability, but the brand continues to exist, along with the Guryev porridge and cutlets on - pozharsk. Bigger, alas, the general public in my person will not remember.

But cooking is not reduced to a culinary delicacy and a connivance to tastes. Pertinently will be to remember old wisdom that it is differently more interesting to make food medicine, than then to turn medicine into food. Pressure, sugar, acidity, caloric content - the choice of the necessary products it is possible to ensure vigorous health and to solve some problems with health.

So, we summarize. The cookery is a recognition something new, self-improvement and growth over itself, tasty and/or useful result, Hazanov, at last. To take this art from science the most tasty.

Your best culinary opening already wait for you!