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What nails happen and for what they are used?

Are good that at whom gold husband to hang up the nail able both to beat, and the shelf. And if there is no that?

Someone, without hesitating, will break the announcement from a stop and, having prepared the unlimited sum, will call services " numbers; The Husband for an hour offering carrying out small repair and household houseworks.

Someone will ask the brother, the friend or the neighbor to hammer a nail, and many independent hostesses desperately take a stool, the hammer in hand and realize the thought grown since the childhood: make! .

Here they - that probably will also be helped by knowledge of what nails happen and what they are intended for!

Usually nails use to fasten with each other pieces of a tree or to beat other materials to a tree. Nails are driven in with the hammer into the right place and are kept in a tree by friction forces. Some nails have a rough surface better to keep.

The majority of nails is made in the machine way of a rigid steel wire. Such cars can produce hundreds of nails a minute. At first the car cuts a wire on part of the necessary length. Then it flattens one end of a piece, giving it the form of a hat. And, at last, points other end. Such nails you will most of all find in pockets of carpenters or in construction grists real men.

Some types of nails called by cut are stamped or cut out from sheet metal. Cut nails have a squared shape of section, but not round. Such carnations keep in a wall much stronger, however not they will be suitable for each wall.

There is a huge number of types of nails as all of them are used with the different purposes. The universal nails used for the most various types of works are called usual nails . Joiner`s nails used for production of furniture, have very small hats that they were not noticeable.

" Roofing nails; have, on the contrary, very big hats. They are used to beat them to a roof a roofing shingle and roofing felt. Big hats well hold thin material and protect it from gaps in the place of fastening.

At some nails two hats, one over another. The nail is hammered to the first hat. Top remains on a surface that the nail could be pulled out easily. Dvukhshlyapochny nails are used at break-in of the woods, a stage and other shoddy constructions.

The majority of nails do of steel. And the nails used for a vkolachivaniye in cement or a stone laying do of the special tempered steel. Some nails, for example, roofing, are zinced, that is become covered by a zinc layer that did not rust.

The nails used at a vessel construction have to be absolutely corrosion-proof. They are made of brass or bronze. Such nails are longer than fifteen centimeters, are called kostylny but they will hardly be necessary for you in life.

Now, possessing information, it is possible to run safely in shop behind the necessary nails and, taking the hammer in hand, to hammer a tack there where it is necessary. Only do blow precisely to a hat not to beat off fingers! At first one strong blow (that the nail was fixed in a wall), and then small, chucking in a tack that length at which it is necessary.

Good luck to all independent hostesses! And protect your fingers!