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What the school diary turned into?

caught sight to me my old school diaries Recently. I store them because it is pleasant to leaf through sometimes pages and to remember school days wonderful . Perhaps I would also not pay attention to how the diary changed if the day before did not expose in diaries of the pupils of an assessment.

The diary is the school document of the pupil, and maintaining it is obligatory. So, at least, was when I studied. And how the situation is now? To answer a question: What the school diary " turned into; - at first it is necessary to remember and what it was earlier.

Were located on the first page Instructions on maintaining the diary or Rules for pupils of schools of RSFSR . Further pages followed:

- Objects and a full name of teachers

- Class timetable

- the Schedule of facultative occupations

- the Schedule of out-of-class and out-of-school occupations

went after that everything the familiar pages divided for days of week where the schedule and homeworks registered and the current marks were put down. It appears, many still imagine the scheme of week in that look in what days it were located in the school diary. That is, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - one column, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - to others, Sunday - in mind.

At the end of the diary there were pages:

- Vacation

- Notes of the class teacher

- Labour practice and the socially useful work

- Data on progress, behavior and diligence of the pupil.

All. Accurately, strictly, laconically - the document is the document.

What we see in the modern diary?

the First page is a title page (the surname and a name of the pupil, a class, No. of school and is entered academic year).

Further - Personal data of the pupil where it is required to fill in various data of the pupil (since a full name and finishing with a blood type).

Following - administration of school (the address of school, phones, a full name of the director, directors of studies, their phones etc.) .

Then there can be such pages (everything depends on the imagination of the publisher):

- Public holidays

- the Rights of pupils

- my class (a full name of schoolmates, their addresses and phones)

- Notes of the class teacher

- Remarks of teachers

- Useful the Internet - the

resources - Thanks of teachers

- the List of references for reading

Plus the same pages, as well as in old " version;.

at the end of modern diaries in addition to traditional pages go cribs in various objects, tables, schemes (from 4 to 10 pages).

Also appearance changed. If earlier the cover is a leaf of a cardboard, grayish,

or is dirty - yellow, or is pale - violet flowers, then now thick glossy crusts on which both cars, and animals, and actors, and musicians, and heroes of animated films, and in general unclear beings are represented.

And still there are diaries not only to the bright picture, but also an inscription. For example, whether mutants - murderers, whether some alien bandits with bazookas are represented and at grenades. And the address (probably, to the teacher): Do not put couple, and that will kill! Or on a red background - the sickle and a hammer, are lower an inscription: Mow and hammer!

Or - the doggies distorted on the computer and kitties. And near these ridiculous animals it is written: I Will be given in a good charge . Or still - the cabbage and tomatoes are drawn, and the phrase flaunts: I am responsible For a market . What?

I understand: it is already difficult for today`s school students to submit diaries without bright pictures. But if we recognize from the fact that the diary is a document, then it has to have the corresponding look and contents. Look narrowly at the modern diary: he in essence reminds a notebook or the daily log more. Pupils write in is mute colored pens or felt-tip pens, decorate with stickers or drawings. And attitude towards him any more not it.

School diary. There was a document, and turned into a notebook.

About times! About customs!