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How to help itself and the planet?

Her extremities moved in agonal convulsions.

In eyes stiffened expression of pain and suffering.

could already not Rescue it. She died. to me it was terrible

. I watched it and nothing, absolutely could help nothing to it .

A change in life of the philosopher is called the theory and Deep Ekologiiya`s practice.

It became lifestyle, a measure of participation in all real. Naess and his followers to all natural phenomena belong as to events in private life.

the Planet on which all of us live, for them, however, and for me too, the living being. A name of our mother - the Gay.

On the one hand, such relation can seem strange, even very strange.

If not to tell more roughly.

on Earth perish every moment billions of various beings. Here just right to fall into despair.

But it is possible to remain within rationality and to make thrifty use of all real.

The empathy to sufferings and pleasures of pets is natural to city dwellers: small fishes, birdies, dogs of cats. The list can be continued infinitely. They are always family members.

Changes the relation and to the homeless tribe of dumb animals. At many of them is roof in the person of street dealers, workers of buildings, owners of garages. They are not driven from transitions, the yards, entrances.

the same copies biped which have no compassion to shaggy feathery and having a tail, human society are considered as bad people.

And if there are misunderstanding and skirmishes of people and animals, then a provoker and the instigator always is only the person. The healthy animal itself, on own initiative, will never attack the person and will not make to him badly. What you will not tell about a creation wreath - the person.

Deep ecologists consider that in the company of people the new relation to the world, when there is no detached onlookers grows ripe. Where person not the judge, not mister, and part of the nature.

Formation of the person who is FEELING PITY is well under way.

Already exist techniques and practicians on whom people learn to identify themselves with animal, water elements, stones, plants. And having endured a unification, a catharsis, help themselves and to the poisoned, sick nature to REVIVE.

A already began it to restoration though some balance, harmony on our planet.

It is the simplest to shout of injustice on our multipatient planet. More difficult most to like her pains. And to begin to empathize, gradually, according to the lights.

For example to become copresent problems of a birch which fights for life on a route roadside. Stop about it. Experience, be adjusted on its state, talk to it in language of feelings.

She will respond! I assure you.

Offer it the love, force, health. And she with pleasure will listen to you and will recover. Now it will have an additional source of life - you. And now you and a birch - one bottomless source of life.

Such technicians are, for example, in Simorona. They are called clear " languages;.

Bill Pfeiffer developed eko - breath in the course of which people begin to feel as different natural objects.

However, the technician of similar is a lot of and they give hope for revival of mutual understanding with our planet Earth. For now it us brings up

- hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, eruptions.

Our planet being emotional, but nevertheless still patient.

I the birth in our souls of empathy is our response to shouts of Earth about mercy.