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How to write traveling notes?

Summer - time of holidays. No, not so. Summer - time of travel. At last it is possible to see what is there, behind the horizon. Clothes minimum, maximum of impressions. And so there is a wish that it did not come to an end.

The summer will end. There will be memoirs which will warm in the long winter evenings, will give a subject for conversation with friends. And here about what I thought. To consider photos is one. Memory human is not ideal. That mood, those people, good and bad, met in way will very quickly be forgotten. It is necessary to do something with it. Not to spill reminiscence of unique summer, to keep it for itself, for children, for relatives. The only exit - to write traveling notes.

How to make it? To tell one business I will write . Another matter to force itself to sit down and write. When you are going to write, it is so much thoughts. You will sit down - universal emptiness shrouds consciousness, subconsciousness and other departments of a brain. Let`s act according to the plan.

Forefront: technical aspect.

1. To daily write down everything that occurred, at the same time. For example, in 21. 00. It was not possible, then in the morning in 9. 00. It will become a habit and it will become simpler to seat itself at the table.

2. To prepare accessories and a workplace that search of all this did not interrupt creative process.

3. It is good when there is a laptop. If is not present, the notebook is necessary. Yes is thicker. The place where you write down, has to be organized too. It is possible to introduce points of the plan.

4. Let`s not forget the camera!

Second plan: direct maintaining traveling notes. we act according to such plan Here. We begin with designation of date, time, the place. We start the description of the place in which we are of fellow travelers, events further.

It is the simplest to describe the place, probably. What I see, I write. Let`s not forget at the same time the most important: to give an assessment to what we see, to describe the mood during an admiring the district and statements of people around if those are.

With people it is slightly more difficult. At the person is not only external, but also internal. With external everything is clear: the name, approximate, approximately, age, marital status (whenever possible), than is engaged, appearance, a behavior manner, gestures, a smile, features. Internal it is possible to express yours with it conversations. Here it is possible not to reproduce to within each word told, and just in a few words, reflecting views of the interlocutor, to transfer a conversation essence. Again we will not forget the main thing: to estimate the person, it is possible to listen that others will tell about him, but we will not fall before discussion for eyes.

Describing events of our travel, we will use works of art, more precisely their subject structure. As writers write? According to the plan. And in this plan of everything is navsy 4 points.

1. Tie. We answer a question: what the event began with?

2. Action development. Directly you describe what actions happened who and that did, spoke thought.

3. Culmination. It is the most intense moment of action when all on the verge of life and death, pros and cons, the good and evil.

4. Outcome. What did the event end with? What lesson you took out from it? How it changed life, yours and people around?

Traveling, we can become not only heroes of some incident, but also his observers, witnesses. Too it is quite good to write down it. Wise studies on errors of others.

Do not forget that people like to read, in - the first, memoirs of the famous people (and now and simple), in - the second, a note of travelers. Who knows, maybe, not only for yourself you will write notes about the travel? Wake the talents!