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How to choose tights?

surely will be In clothes of any woman of any age these objects. Tights, chulochka, socks... Generally, fine objects which purpose is not simple to cover a gentle part of the body but to make it as much as possible attractive and noticeable.

So, tights. There passed those times when the colors shouting and causing were fashionable. Today more and more grandly and nobly. Color of this convenient ladies` accessory has to be ideally suited to the general style of the woman, not be allocated, and be in harmony with other objects of a toilet.

However noticeable elements are still welcomed. It is modern imitations of laces, stockings, golfs, garters, a bright color or figured strip, the Arab ligature or the Chinese hieroglyphs look. Tights can be picked up to any style, from an extreme military, to classics. To adherents of the last there is a sense to pay attention to smoky, opaque, gray and black colors.

The prices can be the most different. They consist of many components. Packing of good tights costs the woman of fashion to 15% of a total cost of purchase. Blurring, not to readable inscriptions here not the place! The producer respecting himself and the clients surely uses packing of high printing quality, will specify on it not only the size, but also color, composition of material, the manufacturer`s address. Tights will not be crumpled or curtailed into a tubule at all, and ironed and folded in a special way to minimize inevitable deformation.

The European producers apply the generalized marking of the S, M, L, XL sizes. For determination of the actual size use the table on packing. If you doubt, take the bigger size better even if your self-conceit rises against it. Too small will tear too quickly. As for dimensionless models - it is better to refrain from their purchase.

Den - the figure designating yarn density. Elite tights have density of 6 - 10 den. They are used in a summer or evening dress. They are the thinnest, create effect of easy suntan and are practically not visible on a leg. Are very beautiful, but, unfortunately, quickly fail. A little more densely tights 15 - 20 den. A business suit and a warm season - an ideal combination for such tights. In the spring and in the fall 30 - 60 den are more practical, 70 - 200 den will be suitable for winter cold weather.

A smell of tights - very important detail. Pleasant and resistant aroma - the integral characteristic of company production. Its fake is almost not available to small falsifiers. Besides, indirectly pleasant smell confirms existence of antibacterial processing.

Very well, but it is expensive if tights seamless. They are designated as Seamiess. Models with a flat seam quite will be suitable for daily use. Round seam sign of cheap, low-quality production. Besides, pressure of a round seam upon gentle skin leaves on the last marks.

Certain places of good tights are surely condensed. The gusset is hemmed manually, its material - 100% cotton. The toe and a heel are made of more dense fiber that prolongs life of all product. Will save tights from sharp ladies` claws safety belt - special consolidation on perimeter of the top part is lower than a belt. Belt width - not less than 3 - 4 cm. Ideally it is sewn separately in the form of an elastic band. But if it is executed as a unit with other parts of a product - it does not matter, the main thing that the belt was not twisted.

For giving of the necessary qualities enter additives into the main material of a yarn of tights. Cotton, wool, acryle allow to warm a product. Natural materials, to 40% in winter models, increase the price, acryle adds characteristic gloss. Beautifully, but it is pleasant not to all, besides, acryle quickly rolls down in lumps. Microfiber gives to tights unusual velvet, durability, hygroscopicity. Tastel apply to softness and dullness. Lycra provides excellent fitting and wear resistance.

Lovely ladies, dress the legs beautifully. Dear gentlemen, help the ladies.