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How we are deceived by realtors?

are known to Everyone that the market of real estate is simply flooded by swindlers big and small . Fortunately, this knowledge for many becomes rescue, we become attentive and captious at purchase / sale of the apartment. There is also certain percent of people thinking that having addressed to real estate agency, it is possible to avoid fraud. However it appears, realtors are considered as the very first swindlers.

How people to whom we completely trust the transaction course deceive us? Everything is very simple. The requirement of fee which, in fact, do not belong to a standard set of services of real estate agency can become the most harmless deception. And though for you it can seem insignificant, however additional accounts for forms, copiers, listings - absolutely abnormal and wrong tendency. Any serious agency will not afford such meanness so it is worth being extremely attentive, cooperating with such realtors.

Among agents of real estate is also fans to earn additionally on survey of apartments. For many of them it even becomes continuous earnings (and often rather big). Most harmless option, - when from you at survey of the apartment money demands, but if you refuse flatly, then by force, naturally, nobody will beat out them because payment for such service in agencies is, as a rule, not provided. More inventive persons at your call will tell that allegedly demand for survey of this apartment very big and in this regard costs money. These sums are, as a rule, small, but fraud remains fraud irrespective of scales.

One more option of deception - operation with the remained furniture. As a rule, if the owner of the apartment provided a certain cost of the left furniture, then it is already included in apartment cost. Or it considered that the furniture in general is possible and left as a gift . The realtor can tell you that here except apartment cost you need to pay also furniture cost. However it is possible to check truthfulness of his words quite easily. When you are told similar, let know that the apartment suited you, but you are not going to pay for furniture. To you will begin to throw off the cost of this furniture and if firmly to stand on the position of refusal of payment of furniture (and if it is the agent`s trick) that as a result this furniture to you all - will present .

You remember also that in each real estate agency respecting itself payment is made through bank or cash desk, but not in hands to the agent. And again - do not take money for copying or listing of documents there. And just be vigilant - it already enough not to be trapped.