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How to behave at restaurant?

As well as theater, restaurant begin with a hanger. Unfortunately, our citizens should remind of it. You do not hurry to sit down at a little table even if you see empty seats. It is the best of all to wait for the headwaiter to avoid misunderstanding.

By the way and how to address the waiter? Girl waiter waiter are unacceptable. Therefore if for any reason the waiter was not presented (though has to make it), do not hesitate to ask his name.

Many strange manipulations are made sometimes by guests with a napkin. And purpose of this subject is simple: the napkin is developed and put on knees. It is permissible to man to leave it to the right of itself. During food a napkin it is possible to wipe finger-tips. And at all not to remove it lipstick!

The order of dishes is begun with cold appetizers. The quantity of a role does not play, but is it is necessary in a certain order: natural vegetables - fish delicacies - a meat gastronomy. If at a table there is a company, then the snack is displayed from the general dish on a snack plate. It is that plate which surely faces everyone already at the beginning of a lunch.

At the left there is a pirozhkovy plate. The piece of bread which is taken hands, but not a fork is put on it! - and during food break off on a small piece. The whole chunk should not be held in hand.

Fir-trees have to give you snack in separate ware, the waiter himself will clean an unnecessary plate. By the way, depending on the order the waiter doservirut a table the necessary objects or will clean superfluous.

First course can be served in the separate ware established on a podstanovochny plate. It is not necessary to put on this plate stones and other pieces from soup which were to the taste not. It is better to leave them on the edge of the ware or to ask a separate plateau for the waiter.

Often women do not hesitate to be engaged in the appearance directly during a lunch. It is not necessary to do it! If you felt any disorder, pass to the toilet room. Upon termination of a lunch to the woman permissibly only to look at itself in a pocket mirror.

Second courses raise a little more questions. And one of them: What devices to use first of all if, according to rules, them lies a little? Let`s say you did not manage to remember everything on schemes which are given in literature (so seldom it is represented to check a case itself). There is a hint: you will never be trapped if you at first take the objects lying in a distance from edge of a plate.

On laying specify in the same literature that chopped dishes are eaten without the aid of a knife. Some understand it so that it is necessary to leave a knife, and to shift a fork from the left hand in right. But actually in this case do not knife, and help to correct pieces.

And when on a table both fish, and meat what to begin with? The rule is categorical: from fish. Which - who does not know how culturally is a chicken or fish and therefore do not risk to order them. In vain. Everything is not so difficult. Fish is not cut, but a knife help to separate stones. And at a chicken, on the contrary, all meat, as far as possible, is cut off by a knife then stones can be taken a hand and to pick. The waiter has to bring a plate with the acidified water to wash up hands.

For the second follows desserts and hot drinks. Sugar if there are no tweezers, can be taken hands or a spoon. The lemon is put a special fork, squeeze out from it juice, and the remains spread on a saucer. A certain compliance between drinks and the given dishes is long since observed. So, to meat it is better to order the red dry (warmed-up) wines, to fish - white dry (room temperature), to a dessert - dessert sweet, to coffee - cognac, and to fruit - champagne. It is undesirable to smoke during a lunch even if there is a strong wish. The smoke disturbs both own feelings, and neighbors.

And still a question which is represented to some people especially delicate. It is tip. Around the world treat them quietly. However to give or not to give the client has to solve only. The waiter is obliged to submit it the account (with the bent result corner as it is possible that the owner of a lunch does not wish to publish the sum) and to count delivery, and already the client takes away it or, on the contrary, lets know that he leaves money.

Bon appetit and rest!